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ohsillymonkey  Devon Rex. Food. Running. Repeat.

Caturday father/son time.

Nosy neighbors, all up in your business at the buttcrack of dawn! 🐶🐶

Toast of the Day: Swiss chard and tempeh, a little cashew yogurt, avocado, and of course sriracha.

Finally able to burn a decent amount of kcals in spin class. So I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious.

"This fracking rain! And my mom's being such a drag. I hope she drinks ALOT more for my sake."

It's about GD time! Yes, she is sleeping with her eyes open like a creep. SUPER naughty today. I had wine and a rice cake for dinner to chill out. I never ever want to hear again "you don't know what real life is until you have a child." I have a 60 pound life I'm trying to repair and I'm guessing your kid never tried to eat a guy digging in your dumpster. 😁😁🐶😩😩

Big D presenting his ample backside for his favorite game--Git The Butt!

"Crap in my fridge" hash--TJ's chik'n strips, leftover mushroom/onion sauté, spinach, leftover parsnip fries, handful of 'maters, the half of the avocado Dolly didn't chew on, cashew yogurt, and Sriracha ❤️. My butt is going to smell AWESOME. #happyvalentinesday

Dolly's best "come hither" boudoir pose for V-day! ❤️❤️

Who are the people in your neighborhood...the people that you meet each day. 🎶🎶🎵🎵

We've got tonight...who needs tomorrow...

Big D would love to snuggle with Dolly but she's still too rambunctious. So I let him on the porch to get some "sloppy seconds," AKA drool and butt drags from Dolly's bed. 😸😸