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Now that we are done with this meet it's time to do more fun stuff in the gym like calves! “ψ(`∇´)ψ Because they suck!! I don't even have definition in my right calf lol, that's why it's time to put them to work.. here is a pic and video 4 months apart. Vid s from march #Bolo #OddsAndEnds

390 @ 148. Last lift of the day, 4th attempt for the deadlift. Thanks to @strengthpak for hosting this awesome meet! Had to take the shirt off for this one haha. #serio #strengthpak

264 bench press at 148.. como lo ves? #strengthpak @strengthpak @abeltisgreat

Awesome meet day @strengthpak today. Went 9 for 9 and then some! Here's my 4th attempt on squat 352.7lb @ 148 bodyweight. #strengthpak

When that wing on this thing will be looking perfecto.. #ToMe #oem #cb7tuner #oemlife #cb7 #Honda #Accord #OG4ever #carblife

When my car goes to @chevy_stepside house i bet it feels like it's at work or something.. ha
#cb7 #cb7tuner #OG4ever #Accord #oem #oemlife

Pretty heavy bench session couple days ago 250x3.. strugglin man I had a bad set up- but I got two clean ones, probably the second time I've used this new bench.

Heavier squats last night, set No. 2
305x4 @strengthpak

Not the same day just the same clothes.. 240 for an easy double.
#AndreNickatina #Fillmoe

I've been eating hella carbs today in perpetration for tonight's gym session @strengthpak.. now on to some heavy deadlifts.
#MyDtCrewGetsWrecked !! #AndreNickatina

Was not feeling this workout and the wifi went out for a sec and killed the music lol. Cool I try not to rely on music for top sets because I usually film it and what am I gonna do when I forget my headphones? #230x3 #5thgear @strengthpak

220 for 6 paused reps.. Trying to use those legs in there #benchpress

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