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When you have other bikes but they aren’t the same. Waiting on one more part before I can reassemble my no.1.....with some new upgrades from last year too.

This may be the most american photo I’ll ever take. 🇺🇸 Throughout highschool my room was Kurt Angle themed, no joke all 4 walls were a giant American flag, my closet was a shrine of Kurt angle action figures and gold medals, seeing him wrestle for the first time back in a WWE ring since 2006 was super sweet. Tag teamed with Rhonda Rousey versus Stephanie McMahon (which I named our family cat) and triple H....(huge fan of DX too...but who isn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️) ON TOP of seeing the fucking legend The Undertaker have a match too.....and appearances from the Dudley Boyz. Wrestlemania 34 was tightttttt. 🤙🏼

Chill little hike today with @crystalahoy

I hade such a solid time with the boys at @mamatriedshow this weekend I forgot to take any photos. I also got a chance to check out @hdmuseum too. Here’s a photo of serial number 1. 💥

Mt. Ngauruhoe (aka Mt.Doom🇳🇿) is the first mountain I ever climbed back in 2014. It also was the first time I’ve ever truly backpacked. I was into hiking but it was more casual at the time. I went to NZ to work a tattoo convention, hitched a ride on the back of a Ducati for 3.5hrs through sunshine, rain and hail with a 75 liter backpack mostly full of my convention work stuff then did the 4 day hike up and around the mountain. Looking back I really just winged the entire thing, super underprepared, was carrying a ton of unnecessary weight and lacked everything I actually needed mainly food which I ran out of on day 2. I learned so much during that trip. The mistakes made my first climb twice as hard as it should’ve been. I left that hike beside myself full of admiration for mountains and inspired to actually start hiking on a different level. My first night back to a hostel I shared a room with a really friendly Austrian couple and we stayed up telling each other our best travel stories. They told me they recently did Basecamp Mt.Everest and I couldn’t even comprehend it after struggling through my first climb. Basecamp Mt.Everest has been on the top of my priority list ever since. Troltunga in Norway has also been following in at number 2 for the past couple years as well. Today I pulled the trigger and made it official. I just booked my flights to do BOTH in one epic trip in October. On top of that I somehow talked @halfanese into letting me drag him along. 2018 is gonna be all about slaying my bucket list.

Climbed Kings mountain then cruised on over to Cape kiwanda w/ @venuslovesyou @halfanese super solid Monday.

Lucky enough to have so many solid gal pals I have to schedule different days to hike with them in groups. Today was solid with @shelikey @larettathelma @katiesoldout @ridethenight

🔙🔛🔝 w/ @katiesoldout & @ridethenight

Wish you could see the scale of this waterfall. Today was alright. 👌🏼

Quick hike in the gorge today. 👌🏼

Forecast says rain....a.k.a it’s snowing on a mountain top somewhere. ❄️

Woke up feeling under the weather so I tried to climb over it🤷🏻‍♀️....my body didn’t appreciate that pun today though. What’s your favorite documentary/non-fiction on Netflix right now? Looks like tomorrow’s hike is gonna be cancelled. 🤒

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