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STaN  I'm an Asian boy who is obsessed with magnet spheres my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147937162@N06/


Ultimate Ball (just got a new set of 432 yesterday) #micromagnets #zenmagnets #ultimateball

A paper tetrahedron inside of a magnet tetrahedron

As request by @pai_pei Compound of Ten Tetrahedra Download: https://docs.google.com/document/export?format=pdf&id=1Y9mBRsVNPhUXsOk50hUC98vqhHEqMuQJVg2hPkx32DM&token=AC4w5Vhd_UF-Nna3wg3a5HbCDSwTpssZog%3A1498232148494u Just copy and past the link into a web browser and you'll immediately download it. You will need to print 5 sheets of the template

I DID IT I made a compound of 10 tetrahedra #accomplished #polyhedron now I will make the Platonic solids (if you want to make one too, comment that you want to make this)

I cri

Woah 8:30 and sun is still setting you can see sunlight in tree

Half of a pentagonal hexacontahedron finishing this probably tomorrow #zenmagnet #micromagnets

Half of a compound of ten tetrahedra. (Made with my new book) finished version coming in like a week or somethin #polyhedron

Ball (better photo soon) #micromagnets #zenmagnets

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