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#Repost @taadow69k
Contacts: Purple
Photo of the day 8/17/17
Model: @babygirl_marilyn
MUA: @dehsonae
Photography: @taadow69k
For: @gcentrictv
Directed by: @sweetfreek
Contacts: @ohmykitty4u
Booking: Taadow69k@gmail.com
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Happy Friday, sweet peeeeas. 🌸💕 Are you guys excited for the eclipse? I AM. It coincidentally starts like right over where I live, I'm so happy! 😍🌖
Also got new contacts from @ohmykitty4u THAT IM OBSESSED WITH. They're Freshtone - Passion Pink, I believe. 🌸
Annddndnd I also did my brows pink. Didn't think I'd like it BUT I DO. I used the Glitter Bomb palette from @toofaced for that. 🌸

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💎Review time💎
These lenses are from @ohmykittydotcom as well and are called "Ohmykitty Mystery Blue".
So I didn't expected them to be in the parcel as well but I wanted to review them anyway because they're so beautiful.
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period: 1 year
I can only repeat myself again and say, that ohmykitty contact lenses are the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn.
I am in LOVE with the design. It kinda reminds me of flower petals for some reason and all the colours match my eye colour pretty well too!
They seem pretty big for me and enlarge the eye pretty well♡
I don't think I'll ever stop gushing over these lenses because I seriously adore them. They're one of my favourites now. 1000/10 would recommend!
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#Repost @trouble._shooting
!!!! These lovely contacts are @ohmykitty4u 's Poppy red, and they're really good quality!! They're fairly comfortable, and easy to put in. The color is super bright and pretty. These are proscription, and they came in perfectly, I can see clearly, maybe even better than with my glasses on. I love them!
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These contacts are the I.Fairy Dolly+ Grey contacts from @ohmykitty4u. The price for these contacts are 19.90 USD, which is a pretty good price for these lenses! .
Base Curve:8.6mm
Water Content:55%
Lifespan:1 year .
🌟Color: 5/5🌟
The color is very vibrant with my brown eyes!I was a bit skeptical with the large separation between the pigment and the clear area for the pupil,But i like it actually! .
The comfort is incredible!!I wore them for about 7 hours and barely noticed i was wearing them! 🌟Shipping:5/5🌟
These contacts came in about 2 weeks which is actually pretty fast to me!Fast shipping is always great 👌👌 .
❤Overall: 5/5❤
@ohmykitty4u Will always be my go-to get contacts.They have such a wide selection of lenses for great prices its amazing!I really suggest if you want to get some nice colored contacts,@ohmykitty4u is definetly a great place.The colors are vibrant,the comfort is amazing and the shipping is great!


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Contacts: Bella Coscon Anime Yellow💛
I listened to The Adventure Zone finale, finally decided to fuck it, and makeup test/costest Carey!

Idk if I'll make her an actual cosplay but it was a fun test😊
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💛Contacts: Vivid Brilliant Yellow💛
Check out these extra vibrant fluorescent yellow lenses which is our new arrival ! These lenses covers dark eyes completely , perfect for cosplays and costumes!
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Review from Paulina❤
Contacts: Freshtone Icy Green
These are amazing! I have been looking for a natural looking green for so long and I am really happy that I finally found it! I have always wanted to have green eyes and now I can! To put it simply - my new favorite lenses <3
#circlelenses #eyes #makeup #ohmykitty4u #greeneyes #greencontacts #instagood #gorgeous

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