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Duane 🔞  OG Coil builder guy.. Check out my builds tutorials, YouTube ⏯ "LocalVape" Channel.... Wholesale email ohmboyoc@gmail.com

Super relieved to see the color rages arriving to all the pre-order customers! We will list a few units Saturday for pre order on Recoilrda.com then after that it’s gonna be a while, Those units will be here later next week. Brushed shipped and I’m just waiting on them to arrive and those last pre orders will ship! Photo by @surface_area999

Here’s the latest update! Despite the rumors I’m still alive, Red, White and Purples shipped out to retail customers today. Factory held back brushed to fix the bottle issue and QC the solder. Those are shipping from china today, so depending on customs we might get them out by Sat or Monday. We still have some units to finish QC on then I’ll be shipping out wholesale stuff. Thanks for being super fucking cool about all this, just know we are doing everything to expedite the process without compromising quality! Photo by that one ginger @surface_area999

Please watch! Quick update, color Rages should be here today or tomorrow but I need to QC each one to make sure none read check atomizer. We had 5% of the 300 returned with this issue and that number should be about 1%. We identified the issue as a weak solder that goes to the 510 and the factory resolved the issue but that was after these units shipped to me. Also some of the 300 units the bottles are tough to pull out, they added an extra grommet on the 510 stem that’s making it hard to remove on some peoples Rages, while I QC these units I’ll be removing that grommet making these easy to remove. For anyone of the 300 people that are still having issues I’ll be doing a recall to fix your units next week. Not a big deal to some people but it’s a big deal to me. Thanks everyone for the support and we are gonna make this the best mod of 2018

You guys that ordered Colored Rages have the patience of a saint, thank you for making this less stressful on me. Colors are still in customs here in the US, I’m just impatiently waiting on them to be cleared. Brushed ship Friday from china, so we will probably do this all over again next week waiting on those to get cleared. Love you guys and thank you! Photo by @smubbie

I totally forgot to show this on my YouTube Video 🤦🏻‍♂️ The base is removable and threaded, if you pull to hard and it’s not tight the lil sucker will pop off. Here’s a quick fix

Quick lil video breaking down the fill system on the #Rage, anyone that pre ordered please take a sec sometime today and watch! Link in my Bio or search OhmboyOc channel on YouTube

The Eagle has landed! Black Rages just arrived and I’ll be MIA for the next 24 hrs packing pre-orders! White, Red and purple shipped from the factory so expect those to ship Monday (provided Customs doesn’t hold em) Brushed ship from the factory next week... Time to pull an all-nighter Wholesale Inquires Ohmboyoc@Gmail.com #Rage

Super easy way to participate, this is extremely important to help keep flavors on the market! Please take a moment your comment will make a difference between saving flavors or banning them #VapeNation #VapingSavesLifes

Well @mrjustright1 is a man of his word and gifted me this #Pulse with the #GeneChip Much love brother, I’ll hold onto this forever just for the sentimental value. @vaportrailchannel you did an amazing job, shame @voopootechofficial decided to be cunts and not sell the chips.

While we sit and wait for Customs to release the Black Rages let’s admire this shot by @smubbie 🤤 Wholesale email Ohmboyoc@gmail.com

Tiny lil guys ain’t they? @___justpeachyy got all them colors on deck! We had to get a girls perspective on the prototypes, thanks for helping Hannah!! Wholesale Ohmboyoc@gmail.com

All new Clam Vape Juice now available! 100% Real clams steeped in a bucked outside my garage door for a whole Vegas summer! That’s like 9 months of fermenting, bottled by @ariabuilt & @anarchistmfg and shipped direct to you!!! Call now operators are waiting

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