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Chandra Fredrick  lifestyle with an honest look at motherhood family β€’ home β€’ adventure β€’ style β€’ LA ->OH I live with a lot of boys. chandra@ohlovelyday.com


Back to school cut for one, first real haircut for the other. β€οΈπŸ’” #thefredricksnewadventure #theadventuresofcharlieandcalvin

Eclipse, schmiclipse. I built a sandbox today. (And carried 500 lbs of sand). And that won't happen for another 100 years. #bybuiltimeanassembled #justkiddingtheeclipsewascool #thefredricksnewadventure #thefredrickboys #jandjmakesclothesforsolareclipses

Bikes and bubbles and brothers and front porch chillin πŸ‘ŒπŸ½#thefredricksnewadventure #thefredrickboys

It is so much fun to watch them have so much fun in their yard. I'm dreaming of finishing the deck and starting a little garden in the spring and planting lots of flowers. Charlie wants a trampoline. Calvin and Quincy will be thrilled when the fence is finished and they can run around freely. And some real grass will be nice (this is mostly weeds at the moment). But they are our weeds and we're so grateful for that.

What are your favorite yard things for play? Cal got a sandbox for his birthday that I still need to assemble and buy sand for. I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to backyard fun (I'm @oh_lovely_day over there if you want to follow along!). But I love hearing other people's favorite toys, ideas, etc. so share away!
#theadventuresofcharlieandcalvin #thefredricksnewadventure

We need a table and chairs (these are borrowed), we're using our computer as a television, and we're using black garbage bags as blackout shades in the kids' bedrooms. But we're officially moved in, our pantry has food, rosΓ© is chilled in the fridge, our beds are made, and the baby pool is blown up and filled up. We're only missing @jonathanfredrickofficial. Snapped this while the boys visited with their dadda via FaceTime β€οΈπŸ’” #thefredrickboys #thefredricksnewadventure

Three years ago I was in a state of new baby bliss, after delivering my sweet rainbow baby Calvin. His birth was the most amazing experience I've ever had and being his momma every single day has been a joy and honor (and challenge and sometimes a heart attack). He loves hard, plays hard, has so much spunk, and is just the sweetest soul.
I put the link to Calvin's birth story in my profile, which has my favorite video of all time at the bottom of the post. Not a birth video I promise 😳🀣. #calvins3rdyear

In the morning, he'll wake up a three year old. And really, this photo pretty much sums Calvin up perfectly πŸ‘ŒπŸ½#calvinsgoodatlife #calvins3rdyear

Life is so much simpler and so much more complicated right now. So easy and so incredibly hard at the same time. That probably doesn't make sense but that's exactly how it feels. I'm mostly feeling tired and burnt out but I see how happy they are and how much excitement each new thing brings them and I remember that it's all worth it. ❀️ #thefredrickboys #thefredricksnewadventure

Today I took all three kids to a restaurant by myself (total disaster), all three to Target by myself (only a minor disaster thanks to suburban shopping carts πŸ™Œ), and drove them all around so the two little ones could get car naps while we had painters in our house. So basically, this is me right now. But with 🍷🍷🍷. #thefredricksnewadventure #soloparentingishardyo #quincyrhys

Wide open spaces, green everywhere, bunnies and chickens and kittens and cardinals, looking for lightning bugs, and (compared to what we're used to) no traffic. Oh, and plenty of non-subterranean parking at Target. Just a few of the things we're appreciating about Ohio so far. β€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ½#stuffiusedtotakeforgranted #thefredricksnewadventure

Missing our favorite guy, who stayed behind to finish up some work in LA while I moved with our boys to get settled and get Charlie enrolled at school for the new year. It has been such a group effort and labor of love on the part of a lot of people - especially my mom, brother, stepdad, in-laws, and friends who live in or have family who live in Columbus. They have flown, missed work, driven our car cross country, visited our new home when we couldn't, and opened their home to us. I don't know what I would have done without them all! But I'm still missing this fella and I know the boys are too πŸ˜’β€οΈπŸ’” #fredricksgoodbyetour #thefredrickboys #thefredricksnewadventure

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