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Kei Ota  Between 🇺🇸and 🇯🇵; also at @tactilesketches


#高砂湯 参加できて楽しかった。甲府での色々な人を集めたダニーの人一人一人との関係がすごいね。Tonight's wonderful public bath house event organized by my other art resident @bydanielmiller . His homage to the 96 year old owner and its historical bath house brought together local music and art under one roof. The baths were open today and people could listen to the live music while taking a bath. さすがダニー!Big successだったね。

Show postcards made! Each one stamped with my gpa's personal embossed stamp. My show is named「えいぞう」/ 「eizō」for its double meaning; it means "image", but "eizo" is also the name of my late grandfather whose ghost was one of the driving forces behind my residency. Thanks to my very special @mistasenor for the title idea. 😭🙏🏻 #ありがたや

My first show in Japan upcoming later this month on 10/28 & 29 11:00-18:00. Opening and talk at 16:00-18:00 at AIRY in Kofu. I don't know how to wrap up these past month(s) but I'll have to. レジデンスの終わりが見えてきました。初めて日本で自分の展示会が行います。10/28と29日11時-18時。10/28日の16時-18時にオープニングパーティとトークが入ります。どうやってこの数ヶ月を表現するかわからないけどよろしくお願いします。#airyamanashi

Mama's here; missing Emi chan #arigatofamiry

Good signage #kofu

V grateful to be part of my first art event with local talents in Kofu, I'm selling my jewelry and some embroidery ✨🛁 #flowingout2017

Abandoned building from the 90's. Kofu is chock full of abandoned storefronts. This one was built during the bubble economy and was meant to house restaurants and bars on all 10 floors. Once they finished building, the economy crashed and the owner never got a chance to build the inside. This place has been there for as long as I can remember on my walk to my grandmother's house.

Studio views #airyamanashi

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