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Ricardo Marquez  Guy who runs @JukinVideo, @Angels fan, adopted @Mets fan, photographer, Muppet Fanatic and all around OK dude. I once watched 2,430 baseball games.


YOOOOO THOSE WHO WEAR GLASSES!! So I just scoped out @zennioptical and was like "$10 glasses? Uh ok whatever LETS WASTE THAT MONEY". So I got them in and HOLY CRAP they are TITE! I usually get Warby Parkers cause it's PURTY CHEAP but Zenni's are like 1/6894477th of the cost. HIGHLY recommend checking em out. Hoping with this post they'll be like "HEY LETS MAKE THIS GUY A BRAND AMBASSADOR CAUSE HE DOES THE SOCIAL MEDIA'S" but if they don't, it's cool cause glasses are cheaper than going to the movies. #igotmyzennis #zennioptical #๐Ÿค“

Technology is cool.

We out hurrrrr

Hiked to the Hollywood scene with these ding dongs.

Happy birthday to my sis from another mis(ter) @smashleychavez!!!

"Ricardo, Instagram us!" @allegrapaz @patrick.dexter.sharks @christinemonet #MyBadChristine

Australia x Mexico = friendz 4 ever. @ellohallo

#KBBQ was lit last night. #GiveMeMoar

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