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Ohio Tattooers  Celebrating the Diligence of Ohio's Tattooers. 🇺🇸 ➡Use #ohiotattooers to be featured! ☼ September - A Take-Over to Remember! By @jarretttattoos

After moving to #Columbus I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of great tattooers. All with different styles, techniques, and lifestyles. Definitely an eclectic group of tattooers making up Columbus’s Tattoo scene. Here are two guys with two totally different styles and outlooks on tattooing but they have one thing in common, they both influence me to work harder and to make nicer tattoos. Most people have heard of Kevin Stress (@kevinstress) because they’ve bitten his snakes. I know I use his snake reference book heavily. If you don’t you should. Kevin owns a beautiful shop called @enso_tattoo in the Short North a block from where I work. We all get along awesomely and it’s great to be able to be a small part of what they have going on. Kevin and @curteveritt have welcomed me to cbus with open arms and I’m very thankful for that. The other guy I’m shouting out is Jay Blevins (@jayblevinstattoos) I met Jay when I started working @shortnorthtattoos last Nov. He instantly blew me away with his ability to draw. He can draw anything. ANYTHING! He’s always sketchy or drawing while at the shop if he’s not tattooing in about any style imaginable. I definitely like seeing his tattoos come into the shop. Wild vibrant tattoos of imaginary monsters to almost painted on airplanes. His techniques are almost foreign to me like he’s in another realm while tattooing. Jay can now be found @serotattoocollective, another beautiful new shop in the cbus area. I definitely need to get tattooed by these two guys at some point. You should too. September takeover by @jarretttattoos

It wouldn’t be a proper takeover if you weren’t able to shout out your co-workers. Luckily, Eli Ling (@chinatownling) truly deserves one. Eli kills it. His tattoos are so clean. Tightest lines. Smoothest shading. Unique designs. One of my favorite tattooers right now. Not only are his tattoos next to perfect but he’s such a nice guy. Insanely funny. His ability to connect with his clients is inspiring. Seems like he makes new friends with every tattoo he does. His skill set and progression as a Tattooer are impressive considering his humble beginnings in the tiniest town of Ashley Oh. I’m always mind blown when I see him make a tattoo in a style he’s not totally comfortable with because he nails them every damn time. He’s only been tattooing a couple years less than me but when he looks over my shoulder while I’m working he makes me want to cover my tattoo with the other hand so he can’t see it but every time he’s genuinely stoked on what I’m working on and you can tell he’s studying. Trying to learn as much as he can. His positivity and excitement make for an awesome work environment. I’m lucky to work along side him and look forward to doing that for years to come. If you’re in the Columbus area, please please get a tattoo from @chinatownling. You will love the tattoo and the entire process. Plus you’ll leave with a new friend. Also, he’s Chinese and from Hawaii. At least that’s what I’ve heard. September takeover by: @jarretttattoos

Learning to Tattoo in Elyria Oh meant one thing, I was going to have to learn to be versatile. I’m a walk in Tattooer and I’m proud of that. I want to give my clients the best tattoo I can no matter the style. @tattsderigo stressed that if you want to have longevity in tattooing then you need to be able to do a bit of everything. He’s one of the greats at doing it all and doing it well. Here are a couple others that I respect because in my opinion they embody true tattooers. These dudes can do it all and do it well. Good tattooers to look up to while “learning the ropes” if you will. Not only do they tattoo everything, they are also some of the nicest guys. Allow me to introduce @carlgraleyiii of @westanchortattoo. @danwulff and @mikehutton of @tattoofaction. September takeover by @jarretttattoos

I’ve been surrounded by creative, driven people most of my life. Skateboarders, bike riders, musicians, graphic designers, and now tattooers. From my younger days riding BMX and going to shows I’ve always been involved with art in one way or another. One of my earliest influences has shared almost the same exact life. BMX. Metal. Art and now tattooing. I’m grateful that our paths crossed and we have shared a long lasting friendship. Over 15 years later and Haley Zontini (@highonhaley) is still influencing me on a regular basis. Daily in fact as we became roommates when I moved to Columbus last Oct. She’s the real deal. No posing. She’s still on 2 wheels. She tats like a dude and out parties all of them. Her art room is a wreck and that drives me crazy but she navigates around in it like a true pro. I’m stoked I get to watch her create up close and get to watch her grow as an artist and as a human. Thanks for always looking out for me and Barger (my dog) and for always sharing your wealth of knowledge. Takeover by @jarretttattoos

Some other key players in developing my love for tattooing were these dudes here. @elite.laurel, @castro_tattoos, and @tattooalgarcia. They all worked together at one point and that shop was so much fun. Those dudes were having the best time. Especially Ronnie and Dustin. Al was always hustlin’ working his ass off. There were always people in the shop. Always something going on. Always a blast. I could tell that they loved tattooing. Ronnie tattooed me a few times and never asked for anything. He was just stoked to tattoo his designs on someone that was into them. I’ll never forget that time period. Those dudes showed me that tattooing can be fun and it can help shape a “scene” if you will. I think these dudes have tattooed every hardcore/scene kid in the Cleveland area. It’s been awesome watching them develop. They’ve seriously grown into some talented artists and tattooers that I still admire almost 10 years later. Thanks for the fun. The paintings. The tattoos and the memories. I try to remember to keep tattooing fun and try to continually help bring folks together in one way or another because of these cats. Thanks you! Takeover by @jarretttattoos

Greg Christian (@gregchristian4130) was one of my heaviest influences in my early pursuit to become a Tattooer. I first met Greg through @currysurr (who I must thank for putting me on the right path of tattoo collecting and for supporting my wild dream of becoming a Tattooer. If it weren’t for Kerry I would not have been able to make it as an apprentice. Or for that matter to even become an apprentice. I thank you bud!!) Kerry told me about Greg long ago. Said if I wanted good tattoos by a rad dude, Greg was the guy. Kerry was right. From the very first time I met and was tattooed by Greg I knew he was a real motherfucker. Up until then I had a few small tattoos from shops in Erie County where I grew up but nothing about the tattoos, tattooers, or the shops stuck out to me. When I walked into the shop Greg was working at it was like I entered another world. Flash and paintings floor to ceiling. Killer tunes blasting. Then there were the tattooers. Covered in what I thought were the coolest looking tattoos. They were larger than life. Especially Greg, and not because he’s actually a tall ass dude but because he had personality. He was stoked to be tattooing. He loved it and I could tell immediately. That shop, all his friends, and their tattoos were unbelievable. I can say I was immediately hooked. I wanted to be tattooed. Greg’s tattoos back then were tuff. I’m talking badass. It was awesome stuff. All his favorite images reimagined into the toughest looking tattoos possible. His stuff could make anyone look hard. Razors, breaking glass, skulls and blood. All red and black with only a few other colors to compliment. He did so many cool things in the backgrounds and tricked everything so far out. I was always stoked to get tattooed by him. Still stoked to see him every now and again over 15 years later. Greg killed it then and is still killing it now. Travels more than anyone I know. Knows every rad Tattooer out. Has his own beautiful shop now called @tattoofaction. Works along side some killer tattooers there. With everything he’s done and continues to do, he’s still a down ass dude. Greg still influences me to this day and I must thank him!

2007ish I was a bike riding punk rocker with a big chip on my shoulder. I was set to self destruct and definitely had no plans for the future. I wanted to party with my friends. Go to shows. Fuck shit up. That was my life. I didn’t want to or have the know how to do much more than that. It was when @partyhardwick (thank you and I love you) introduced me to Tony DeRigo (@tattsderigo) that all started to change. Tony is the kinda guy that draws people to him. He’s interesting and interested. He has a genuine care for those that are similar to him. It felt like he took me under his wing soon after we met. Like he knew I needed a role model. I’m an outsider. I’ve always been that type of person and I think Tony may have been too in his younger days. He just learned to take what made him different and turn it into something special. He’s a truly creative thinker. He took art and turned it into a way to make something out of himself and he’s done one hell of a job at it. Not only has he done that for himself but he’s unselfishly done that for a few others as well. I am proud and honored that I am one of those few. He changed my life. He gave me a reason to get off my ass and work for something. He made me feel like I wasn’t a total fuck up and that I could become something more than I was. Tony didn’t just teach me how to tattoo, he taught me more about myself and life than anyone else. He’s brought out the best in me. I feel like everyday I learn something new from tattooing. Not just as an artist but as a human. As a person that wants to continue to grew and advance in my personal life and in my life as a Tattooer. I’ll never be able to thank him enough. Never be able to express how much he and tattooing mean to me. He’s one man I’m glad I am able to call my friend. We no longer work together but I know I will always have a home with Tony @chronictattoo. I thank him for that. Feels good to say I fit in somewhere as special as 358 Cleveland St. if you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and go get tattooed by Tony. He’s a tattooer’s tattooer. A well rounded badass in the game and in my opinion one of the most underrated tattooers in Ohio. See for yourselves 🖤

Yoooo! Please allow me to introduce myself. My parents named me Jarrett but call me Jarr. Few know me as J-Ratt. I’ll answer to Jared but won’t be happy about it. That’s right two r’s two t’s. Bullshit if you ask me. Anyway, my homies @ohiotattooers have been talking about letting me do a takeover for quite some time and the time is now! I’m pumped they put their trust in me and am honored and excited to post some of my favorite #ohiotattooers and the #tattooers that have been instrumental in my career thus far! Thank you boiz. This first collection of photos is just some of my own tattoos. Check em out. The most important photo is the first because it’s my first tattoo on another person only after tattooing myself. Taken almost 10 years ago, the unlucky soul is one of the best humans I know, @cory.welker. Without him (and a few others I’ll get to this month) I wouldn’t be here today to share the wonderful gift of tattooing. Cory didn’t tattoo back then. He just collected from some of Ohio’s heaviest hitters. Now he tattoos and he was able to return the favor by tattooing me early in his apprenticeship. That will always be a special memory for myself. That photo was taken @chronictattoo at 358 Cleveland St. Elyria Oh. A hidden gem in a small town. Chronic is owned and operated by my mentor and tatdad @tattsderigo. If you don’t follow him go ahead and do that now as tomorrow I’m going to post a long drawn out run on sentence about Chronic Tattoo and the love and respect I have for Tony DeRigo. Thank you. September takeover @jarretttattoos

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