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OPSKI  i like my cash green and my limo black. 🎶www.opskichan.bandcamp.com🎶




here's a meme.

Dearest Skillets & Siblings,
I'm back in SJ on a work trip, I'm tryna knock this job out so I have time to door bell ditch and TP houses with yall. Hang tuff, my crooked smile is on its way.
Sincerely, Von Bear

The yutes came out to play and killed it. Had a free wall to doodle on and then buffed it. You do the crime you do the time 😜 really cool to have them get their hands dirty and get to claim credit for this mural taking place, all while getting community time served and a good scoop of San Jose's history.
We fo' da kids, bruh.

now imma big girl

Happy Mothers Day Mom. Thanks for having me. I like it here.


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