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πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š sarah outland πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š  reading, running, beating the boys. digital flΓ’neur.

Hanging out with my friends. #EmileDurkheim
#travel #paris #france #uchisummer17

Taking the brunch band on the road.
#paris #travel

This is nine year old cousin Vihaan getting ready for school the morning we left Cardiff. Vihaan is a World War II fanatic who can't believe American children aren't as into war strategy as he is. He has strong opinions about food, can eat more kimchi than anyone at a lunch table, and eats cookies for breakfast. He says the kids in his school refer to Donald Trump as "Donald Fart" (we agree, Vihaan). He has a charming Welsh accent and really would like to visit America for the solar eclipse in August. When he's ten, he might consider visiting us in Chicago alone, without his parents.
#family #travel #Wales #Cardiff

Pulling in from the grocery store, the neighborhood kids started dancing and shouting "Vihaan! Vihaan!" after our cousin. They immediately started kicking a ball around and @kunalbhat got in on the action, until he kicked the ball into his own face.
#Wales #travel

Sleepy restaurant doggo.
#wales #travel #uk

Picking strawberries in the Welsh countryside. #mefuspie #wales #uk #travel

Brb, brunching and looking for Oasis full time for the next week.
#visitingabroad #london

I spent 12 hours of Friday willing myself not to barf and trying to find someplace to cool my body down after a hellscape of a seven mile run. And took an hour to eat approximately three tablespoons of cottage cheese for dinner. I ran four beautiful and crazy midnight miles that were some of the best in my running history. I slept for three hours in a van with a backpack for a pillow, while spooning a rolled up sleeping bag. I ran eight hard miles where I crossed the state border between Wisconsin and Illinois. I saw a lot of chipmunks. Zero snakes.
I met seven new and excellent people. I was reminded that runners are collectively some of the most generous and amazing people on the planet. And as always grateful for this body that let me torture it this weekend more than I have ever before. Can't wait to do it again next year.
#ragnarchi #ragnarchicago #postraceblues

Packing for an overnight relay. Greyscale running clothes for each leg, two shoes (hej hej @salmingrunning!) just in case, bananas (that the dog took a bite out of right after), my @rollrecovery, a 20 pack of mosquito bracelets, a bonus sock for each run because I wear three, and 100 glow bracelets because: fun.
Good vibes only.

Early morning baking for my students' last day of class.

Dang, girl.

My city turned it on this morning.
#chicago #running

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