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That moment when I ask myself why I am putting myself out there at such great risk, for the sake of other peoples children?

I am angry, I am sad and I am heartbroken.
But guess what? There are about 100 letters pending, from young Ladies who need help through the Girl in Need Foundation. So how can We stop?

It is not right, it is not fair for others to suffer just because of the actions and or inactions of a few.
When you say a prayer, Say one for me. I am Not a very happy person this morning. But thank God We always have proof of everything concerning GiNF, a registered Charity.
When it becomes necessary, we will tell the full story with evidence.
But to those who have trusted us and given freely, THANK YOU.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti ,
President and Founder, GiNF.


The Girl in Need Foundation takes care of girls 18 years and below, that is from (crèche to SHS) who find themselves in an abusive environment, all because they need money to go back to school or learn a trade or skill.
We also pay the school fees of girls who want to go to school but their parents can’t afford it.
The Girl in Need Foundation was started in 2011 and currently we are taking care of over 60 girls. Some of our beneficiaries have completed SHS and continued to tertiary institutions. Two of them have also completed their Tertiary education and one is working while the other is doing her National Service.
Supporting those who complete SHS and continue to the tertiary level is always tough because we only depend on the GHC1 cedi or more donations we receive every now and then (GHC1 for 1 GH Girl). We have no external or international support. We solely depend on the donations from Ghanaians at home and abroad and every now and then we get donations from other nationals.
Millie (full name withheld for obvious reasons) is one of the beneficiaries of the GiNF. We supported her through her SHS at Ghana National College SHS and she is now at the Nursing Training school at Pantang. Supporting her fully has been a challenge due to uck of funds. But thank God you decided to donate. Because of your donation she will be in school tomorrow, fees paid and with some pocket money for her feeding too.
We have more of such girls in Need we have to support, so please keep your donations coming. And anytime you see a GiNF box at any NIB, GCB or ADB branch please drop ghc1 or more in for the Girl in Need. You can also send us mobile money on 0544844122

Thanks and God bless you.

From: Oheneyere Gifty Anti
President and Founder, GiNF

#Please share this on other platforms and tell your friends and family to support us too.


Guess what?
Tiger Woods is back!!! He has won his first PGA title in more than 5 years ago. More than Five Years.

5 years ago, the former world number one golfer hit rock bottom and the world shamed him. It was as if he had lost it all. Family, wife, money, Sponsorship.... He lost it all.
But today, as he won his game, first in more than 5 years, the world is hailing him. The world is cheering him on!!! His fans followed him as he went to take his last shot that gave him the win. What a comeback!! Dear one,

Have you hit rock bottom? Are you in the abyss? Guess what? You can still make it to the top.

Put yourself together, forgive yourself and start working your way to the top.

It may drag on a bit. It may take some time. But don’t give up. Keep moving.
Remember, slow motion is better than no motion.
My name is Oheneyere Gifty Anti and I believe you can make it. I believe in you. And I also know that with God all things are possible,

Hold on to your faith and keep moving. You will make it.
May this week be the turning point... Much love


We thank God for Another gift of live.
Please, I need you to do me this favour. Kindly look in the mirror. Please find one if you have none close by. Look in the mirror.
Now please please please SMILE... You see how beautiful/ handsome you are?
Now I beg you, keep that smile all day.
I believe in you and God has got you covered.
Let nothing take away that beautiful Smile today.
You are beautiful/handsome. And cheers to every woman with a real hustle. Let’s keep it real and still rise

Much love
Oheneyere Gifty Anti, OGA

In everything you do, just do your best and leave the rest to God.

And even when you have to give up, because sometimes you have to, make sure you can still hold your head high and tell yourself 'i did my best'!!. It just didn't work out.

Better Days will soon come.

I am a born people person.
I thrive on helping people and seeing people happy.
I love to give (and receive too),
I love to appreciate people
I love being there for people.
I believe there are good people in this world and I believe I have some good people around me and in my life.

I have been too hurt (too many times), to Trust people blindly.
But what kind of life would we have if we are suspicious of everybody and everything around us? So I trust every now and then (at a heavy risk though I must say). However, I am not one of those who can confidently or boldly say that ‘as for this person he or she can never betray or hurt me’..... Heck no!!! I am not that confident.
I have gone through, suffered, been betrayed and hurt too many times for me to live in that blind ‘trust World’. In fact I have stopped being shocked by what people we consider our loved loves or people who profess undying love to us can do. The extent some of them can go to hurt us, to betray us.

I have stopped getting shocked. But I still get hurt, broken and disappointed. I am only but human. I cry and scream. Oh! my pillows have suffered tears for too long. lol.

But guess what? I continue to live, I continue to laugh, I continue to love, i continue to care, to give.... I continue to appreciate life, I continue to be happy and I continue to soar... because I continue to look up to God. He alone is Faithful.
So, Am I a bold and confident person? Yes I think I am.
But I also know that the heart of man/Woman is desperately evil.

So anytime you get hurt or feel betrayed by the person you thought can never hurt you, remember.... your life doesn’t have to come to a standstill because of that. You don’t have to kill yourself.

Dare to live and soar through the good and bad times. Good times will come again.

May God help me and you too, to live right by the people we care about and love.
Much love,

On 13th May, 2016, I had a distress call from a teacher from Osu Presby school. She told me about a young girl who was about to be forced into marriage. It was close to Ramadan and the young Girl was panicking because it seemed she had no choice in the matter.
I rushed out without thinking twice. My husband stopped me from driving and called a taxi because I was not in the right frame of mind to drive.
I called Alhaji A. R. Gomda of Daily Guide who linked me up with Police Commissioner Dr. Dampare .
PC Dr. Dampare gave me three officers who met me at a venue close to the school. The teacher, Rosemond brought the young lady and we had a chat with her. She was 16 years old. Brilliant and had Big dreams. Very ambitious.
I then rushed to the Chief Imam’s residence, without an appointment or prior notice 🙆🏽 ( well I wasn’t thinking straight). But when the great wise leader was told about my ‘mission’ he accepted to meet me immediately.
After listening to my story he immediately instructed the Imam’s and leaders to look into the matter and help the young lady.
So with the help of the police and Muslim leaders the young 16 year old student was rescued. Her uncle, a military officer heard about the issue and took her away to live with him.
Yesterday, I had another call from Rosemond, the teacher. This time with great excitement in her voice. Our girl is now at Accra Technical University pursuing her dream.
Yes, God is Good. He is very very very God and Faithful.
My dear friend, it still takes a village to raise a child.
It took a caring and concerned teacher who called me, a forward looking Muslim and journalist, Alhaji Gomda, a progressive and professional police officer, PC Dr. Dampare, a great and wise Leader, the Chief Imam and an Uncle who believed in the future of his niece, to rescue the young 16 year old girl.
Nobody knows who she will become in future, who she will also rescue, who she will marry etc.
My Name is Oheneyere Gifty Anti, I am a Bible believing, tongue speaking and prophecy believing Christian, not a perfect one though.
However, my mission and ministry is for all women and children, irr

Two days more. Directions to Ghana Muslim Mission Headquarters, venue for Muslim Women’s Conference on Saturday 15th September, 2018. 9am. See you


I humbly invite you to our 5th Muslim Women’s Conference on 15th September, 2018 ( that is this coming Saturday). Theme: *The Muslim Woman on the Move*
Main Speaker- *Hajia Fati Suleman* - Lecturer and former National Vice President of FOMWAG.

Time: 9am
Venue: Ghana Muslim Mission Headquarters, Korle Gonno.
It will be chaired by *Hajia Ramatu Mahama* - Wife of the late former Vice President of Ghana, Alhaji Aliu Mahama.
It will also be graced by many great men and women from the Muslim community.
It is open to all and it’s free.
Kindly spread the news and see you on Saturday, 15th September, 2018.
Thank you.
From Oheneyere Gifty Anti,
Convener, MWC
Host and Head of Team, The Standpoint @10

The hustle is real people. Motherhood does not know whether you are a CEO or the messenger or cleaner. When duty calls you go running.
When HRH says she will not leave your office, you sit on the carpet with her and put her to sleep 🙆🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽

She is ready, are you?

I am so ready

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