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🍃 Marika Jewell  Love • Transcendence • Earth Medicine 🌔🌕🌖


Don't you ever just sit back and think, "DAMN LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL" ✨🙏🏼🌱 #gratitude

On another planet 🌱

Plant medicine 🌷+ elevation through song. #empowerment

✨Summer is on the horizon. ✨Cheers to a long + beautiful weekend with this guy!🌸

The BEST time of year. ✨ #letitbloom

Up top✨🌎🌱💦

Good morning✨ Heading into the long weekend, feeling like⚡️💘☀️️

Love is the highest frequency 🌝 #rightbeforetherosehipsbloomed

LIBERATE yourself ⚡️Take a class, go to lunch by yourself, put your phone down for a day; spend more time in nature. 👁 "We are in a constant flow of becoming and un-becoming" 〰 Carl Jung🌱

Living in a weird external world 🌎 #gratitude

Listening to Carl Jung's theory on synchronicity ✨ #expandingconsciousness

Is there such thing as feeling sick due to social media? Like nauseated at the over load of information, people's personal lives and opinions at every swipe.

My nervous system overwhelmed and anxious. What was once and some days still inspiring now clogged with unwanted ads and images riddled with persuasion.

It's influence strong and mis-guiding. I have had no desire to share, to externalize what I'm going through.

Leaning deep into introspection, grieving, embracing and allowing all at once.

Doing my work; holding space to expand my capacity for healing. ✨

Everything is taken care of.💎 #trust #spirit #love #gratitude #FREENATIVEunblocked

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