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life in a nutshell (if we had a pink house). sometimes you set up a self timer and your photo comes out amazing. sometimes you set up a self timer and find out your kid is a monkey in the window.

no filter needed. just an old disposable camera, sunshine, and a really great dad. hfd, bustamante.

i went to colombia for the puppies☀️ happy sunday friends! hope it’s a good one full of kisses. 💞 #ohdearcolombia #ohdeartravel

coconuts for you ☀️ #ohdearfruitlove #ohdearflorida

💛💛💛 sunny love. thank you for your kind words guys. always. our home is clean and the clutter is gone— now we need to plan, rearrange, decorate, and just keep on damn reaching for all the things we want. 💫☀️✨ ps. i love yellow, but i think we’re going pink 💞🏡💞

sorry for the crickets, i needed a hot minute. it’s been a crazy week. the end of a 14 person colombian adventure, a chronic and invisible illness outbreak, an upside down and slightly damaged home, and more. but we’re alive, mostly well, and definitely growing. eight months of adventure... but we’re back in south florida and back in our home. i’ve hermitted like crazy since our return, trying to fix up our space— but it still needs A LOT of love and work. so many renovations and design changes ahead of us. (who wants to have a painting party with me?) life is a crazy ride for sure. grateful for all of it. more jumbled thoughts on the blog. thanks for joining me in this space and life. #growing #ohdearflorida #invisibleillness

been here the past few days... with countless granadilla ✨ #ohdearcolombia #ohdeartravel

today was a great day. four generations of dancing weirdos. haven’t been to colombia with my mom since i was marlowes age. grateful for this time. happy birthday mama, you da best. ✨ #ohdeartravel #ohdearcolombia

good morning ✨ #ohdeartravel #ohdearcolombia

good morning from this beautiful place. going to eat so much pineapple in a minute. ☀️💛🍍✨ #ohdeartravel #ohdearcolombia #ohdeardreaflowers #acolorstory

we landed, met up with our family, ate a meal of delicious coconut rice and plantains, went for a swim (well marlowe and alex did), changed out of our travel clothes, and went out on the town for vegan icecream and strolling. it was a very good day. #ohdeartravel #ohdearcolombia #cartagena

stepped out of the car and alex laughed at me. too much to show up at the airport with a straw hat, straw visor, straw bag, soursop smoothie, and a bag full of jamaican food? 😂 ps. i’m totally avoiding the fact that i’m sad to leave mexico. a family celebration with 12 colombians in cartagena will be totally wonderful... and not crazy at all 😂 pps. if you have any vegan dining recs (or general recommendations at all) in cartagena or tierra bomba, please share! haven’t been since i was a baby ☀️✌🏽 #ohdeartravel #ohdearcolombia

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