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drea Ⓥ family travel  🌿 travel | natural living | family 📝 blogger | creative | vegan author ✨ traveling everywhere 📍guatemala 🌞 rent our florida home: #ohdearcasa


aquí estoy en guatemala! i realized that it’s been two days since i’ve posted! we’re good, i’m just in a bit of a time warp over here. we’re meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones. we are all happy and healthy and enjoying guatemala for sure. going to put up a guatemala post tonight about our experience thus far. and also putting together a second post to answer all your questions about our move! it’s weird, but awesome to say... i’m living in guatemala. aquí estoy! #ohdeartravel

she’s loving all the fruit. so am i. she even likes pineapple again. excited to head back to the market tomorrow. and excited to find the perfect fruit vendor and become bffs ;) before coming here i promised marlowe that we’d buy her as many rambutans as she wants. and we’ve kept that promise. she’s eating them by the bag load. and i’m back on the pineapple a day diet. 👧🏽🍍 #ohdeartravel #ohdearfruitlove #vegankids #travelwithkids

fact: even the roadside gas station bathrooms in guatemala are colorful 🖐🏽 #ohdeartravel

we’re heading to antigua today (our new home). we had originally planned to spend more time in the lake, but changed our mind last minute (yesterday to be exact). i feel good about it. it’s a heavy feeling (physically and emotionally) to have so many luggages with us (we now have 3 big ones, 1 small one, 3 backpacks, and 1 carry on bag with our things.) the lake is SO beautiful and im 100% certain we’ll be back soon— but after we’re more settled and carrying less on us! but for now, we’re happy to be heading to antigua where we will find a home, a new rhythm, and less spiders too haha. we’re excited for our new journey! see you soon antigua friends #ohdeartravel #travelwithkids

hi! will you be my friend? tell me something fun. tell me who you are and where you’re from. (i’m drea and i’m a first generation american born in florida. my mom is from colombia. my dad is from canada. but i’m beyond happy to be living in guatemala right now— in case you didn’t know and were curious ;) and i will be your friend if you’ll be mine... thanks.

took a minute to breathe this week. i will make it a point to spend more time here tomorrow. i’m feeling super drained tonight, but i know it’s from taking it all in. this week is good. everything is good. marlowe even had a kids yoga session today with the the most awesome yoga instructor, i’d tag him here except he wasn’t even completely sure what instagram is haha (amazinggg). we’re trying to figure out the rest of our week, but for now we’re grateful to enjoy the views and the meals (omg the meals you guys) from @villasumaya. oh and we got lucky — only two or three days of rain and then pure magic after that 🌿 #ohdeartravel #ecotourism

guys, she is so happy here. it’s so so good to do this with paloma (formally known as marlowe). she’s in love with the food, the volcanos, the flowers, everything here in guatemala. she wakes up and asks me things like, “why are the flowers so beautiful here?” or “will we buy rambutans today?” she even met the cutest little friend, daniel (we love him so much). she is just so happy. we named all the spiders in our room, and she’s even okay showering with giant huntsman spiders 😂😂😂 anddd she even asked if we could give the boats another try today! i’m grateful to do this with her. she makes this experience so much better. i wish i could show you guys how beautiful and surreal this place really is. and hammock hangs forever obviously.

no rain days. volcanic sunsets ✔️ today we took the boat into panajachel. marlowe didn’t cry which was amazinggg (for those who don’t know she was pretty traumatized by a boat experience last year in mexico— 90% of the ferry threw up. yeah, it was BAD). we ate delicious food and we met up with @alyssaya— pretty cool to meet up with like minded people so far from ‘home’. also, i think it finally hit me today that this is real— this is our new life. i almost cried on the boat— not from fear, but from total bliss when i finally realized, this is it. we’re doing it. ALSO, my legs are sore and i think my butt is going to be in amazing shape after a month of living here. so yeah, things are great. #ohdeartravel

it was sunny yesterday. so incredibly beautifully sunny. i’m so looking forward to the official end of rainy season :) we went on the most gorgeous hike and found all these hidden property’s. i posted a quick update on the blog if you’re interested. not a lot of pictures, since i can’t imagine they would ever load here haha, but still— some convo! ps. who do you think lives here? do you think they’ll be my friend? more importantly do you think they’ll let me live with them? #ohdeartravel

we arrived to lake atitlan just over 24 hours ago and we couldn’t be happier to be here. it hasn’t really sunk in yet that this is our new life. well, sort of— we’ll be on the lake for about three weeks and then we plan to head into antigua. the weather has been nice— considering it’s still rainy season. the food has been great (i love you pineapples and papaya). and other than some tears from the boat portion of our travel, marlowe has loved every second. life in all it’s fine glory. taking it all in— our last 24 hours summed up in one photo. so happy ✨ ps. those are two volcanos in front of us ;) #ohdeartravel

on the plane. here we go. forecast says rain, lots of it, but we’ll take it! ready to parent globally, ready to eat my weight in pineapples and coconut, ready ready ready for all of it. one way ticket in hand! guatemala we’re coming! signing off, but i’ll be back when i get wifi! cheers friends! #ohdeartravel

all my bags are packed
i'm ready to go 🎶
(and i’m just moderately stressed because i zippered them up and realized that 2/3rds of them are overweight. but hey, as tim gunn always says, ‘make it work.’ because in exactly 12 hours) —
i'm leavin' on a jet plane, and i don't know when I'll be back again 🎶
that’s how the the song goes, right? if you wanna know what’s happening, i updated about our immediate plans on the blog... cause yeah, we definitely don’t know when we’ll be back again. so yeah, i’m going to breathe in and out now and try to somehow fall asleep before tomorrow’s big day. sort of still in disbelief. WISH US LUCK! 👨‍👩‍👧📦✈️🚖🛶🌴🌋📍🌎 #ohdeartravel #guatemala

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