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Basya  love my daughters, rock and roll, goof-balls, berry 🍭, baijiu, houston, old ladies, & toys | CEO @Pinkcilantro


Picnic with friends 🥪🥪🥪

If we were to show today’s world to people who pondered about it 50, 100, even 200 years ago...it’s safe to say they’d be pretty disappointed. We mean; back in ’68, Mr. Kubrick himself thought we’d all be roaming the Earth in shiny silver spandex by 2001.
It’s now 2017, and we should have been commuting to work by flying car/hoverboard by 2015 already. Head over to the blog for more of my thoughts on the overpromise and under-delivery of disruption.

Couldn’t me more thrilled to watch this exciting development within the Houston market. @tmcinnovation is suited up as a leader in collaborative, advanced development within healthcare. Producing cutting edge solutions to service our billion dollar Houston healthcare market and beyond. Job well done to the 18 grinders and minders that presented their demos on stage for us today!

Houston Strong by @thecolorcondition

So proud of my little sister for passing the bar! Exams may not be the ultimate test of life, but they are definitely the ultimate test of character. Full of determination, focus and commitment you are a champion in the making. Well done, Sarah!

Fact: 85% of new products fail. Why?
Because companies fail to combine proof of concept, product launch, and customer feedback to create a winning strategy. Customers expect brand innovation, and it’s your job as a company to give that to them.

Direct feedback from the end-customer is the only way to know whether your product will be a hit or miss. Pre-digital, proof of concept boiled down to chucking a product onto a shelf and waiting for customer feedback one by painstaking one. Today, we have moved into a digital society; where proof of concept, product launch, and customer feedback are a joint force. Click the link in the bio to read more about this digital trifecta. 🐇🍮🍮🍮 .
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Love is in the air. 💕 Clinton wedding 2017. / @cliffclinton Here is to a lifetime filled with joy, health, and happiness!

Cozy Sunday morning with a sweet little bunch. 💌

Austin for the weekend. 💌

I don't know anyone with a more brilliant heart than Sahar. She moves me on the daily. Blessed to have such a wonderful spirit in my life. Happiest b-day to you my dear friend. @saharpaz #blessingsonblessings

Thrilled to share my story with @lukebrawner of @thehpodcast Stay tuned for the show!
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Luke Brawner is brilliantly creative and an incredible storyteller. Through @thehpodcast he delights us with intimate stories from creative's shaking it up in H-town. Thrilled to welcome Luke into our office today to capture our CEO @ohcilantro Basya Benshushan's story. Stay tuned for the show! 🐇💌🥃

Stop sugar coating.

With regards to progress, there will ALWAYS be a struggle in some way, shape, or form. We should drop the feeling of having a struggle-free career or living a struggle-free life, it simply won’t happen. Moreover, it would lead to a ho-hum existence. Problems force us to think outside our comfort zone and challenge us to develop to more grounded mental, physical, and spiritual states. A similar way our bodies become stronger when challenged with resistance training and conditioning, so too does our mind and spirit become stronger with problem solving and critical thinking. The key to success, is to discover the issues and battles worth testing yourself over, the ones you really appreciate sitting with and work to solve. #hustle #spirituallife #purpose #grind #onelife #peoplestrong

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