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Chanel Lyn  🌚 the universe conspires in your favour. 🌎 chanel.lyn@hotmail.com πŸ“Ί shoots/ ads/ tvc/ hosting

everyone thinks i'm a "never enough" on the greatest showman soundtrack, but i'm actually more of a "tightrope". yea i'm still not over the ost 😁

ever since i was a teenage girl, people have been finding it okay to comment negatively on my body, particularly my thighs and my ass. men do it, women do it. i don't know why they do it, but it's really a waste of their breath because i'm sure as hell okay with my body. i'm healthy, and bright and happy. please don't impose your preferences on somebody else or try to stir doubt when they're happy being them. i hope more of us can stop being bothered by expectations of others!

rest & relaxation

before udon 😑, during udon πŸ˜•, after udon πŸ€—

don't want to be misunderstood

well well, if you're into nostrils you're in for a treat. the last one's a bonus pic πŸ˜‰

pew pew lazer eyes! flat lay by @martin.mlc 😁 between the two of us, marts is the food santa and i am the poop master. i'm very glad to share these responsibilities with the man i adore ❀️ it makes me love him even more, seeing how insistent he is in spending time with our cats even after a long day of work!

look what i came home to! you know my love for kiwifruits from my insta stories 🌝 so i'm always happy to receive them! these ones are oh so special, they're red! β™₯️ they're sweeter than the gold ones and also less hairy (they actually seem almost hairless. yes, you can eat them with their skin on too!). the zespri red kiwifruits are only available in sg for a limited time so make sure you get your hands on them for an exclusive bite! thank you @blessincasia and @zesprisea for indulging me in my obsession with kiwifruits πŸ₯ (p.s. if you don't like the sourness from the kiwifruit this will be a pleasant surprise for you since they're completely sweet sweet sweet! i like my sour so the gold ones are still my fav πŸ˜‹) #zesprisea #zespriredkiwifruit

i wouldn't make a good king. i'm no good with a sword and i don't care much for beheading people, even enemies. but i'd make one hell of a queen. welcome to my golden age. (by @leahjstone)

it's real nice to get out of town once in a while. but really home is where our cats are 🌝 also lots of love to the guy who's always looking out for me, we had so much fun doing everything and sometimes, nothing at all together. ❀️


been stuffing your face in japan and your face is earning them gains? 🐹 don't worry just start taking pics from far away. also had a wondeerful time with deer friends who very politely declined my biscuits. scroll through! 🦌

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