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April  Short, funny, 40+ year old just living la vida gorda. #bbw #cooking #baking #coffee #80smusic #scarymovies #laughing

I swear these bomb pops were much bigger when I was a kid. #bombpop #popsicle

Very Andy Worhol-esk picture of me. I think it's kinda cool. I'd hang this in my house.

Went on a drive with a friend today and I saw this. Surfers surfing while flying a kite. There had to be a dozen or so out there. I never saw anything like it before. It was kinda cool! #surfing #surfers #kites #flyingkites #goflyakite #beach #halfmoonbay

Almost finished binge watching Season 5!! #orangeisthenewblack

I got a fancy shmancy wifi enabled new coffee maker for free today. I was asked to be a part of a research on my coffee habit for the next 6 months. I said heck yeah, sign me up! I have to admit, it was sad pulling the plug on my old Keurig coffee maker and replacing her with this one. I said "Goodbye my dear friend. I will always love you" as I pulled her plug.

Check out this delicious dinner I'm getting to enjoy for FREE tonight from Munchery just for checking out their service. Use this link when you sign up to get $20 credit towards your first order. munchery.com/invite/KXCXCXY7

My mama Sue and my sister Amy. Missing is my sister Cheryl. Love my family! #family #littlesister #mama

I love this picture of me and my youngest sister Amy. Yes she is taller than me! #sisters #littlesister #bigsister #sistersister #family

Red lips and double chin is the new sexy.

Won these cool cleaning products in a Facebook contest back in March from a company called J.R. Watkins. I've used their baking products (try their vanilla extract!) but never knew they made cleaning products. I entered the contest for the heck of it and won. #jrwatkins #cleaningproducts #lemon

Me as a creepy old lady. Basically me in 5 years. #donthatemebecauseimbeautiful

Corn and Bacon Griddle Cakes topped with crispy bacon and sautéed onions and a drizzle of maple syrup. #corn #bacon #onions #griddlecakes #maplesyrup

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