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Last huzzah for senior homecoming. Great time with amazing people 💕

Luke was a crappy brother sometimes, but, my god, he had the biggest heart. Haley and I saw Luke in a different way than other people did. I know how much he loved us and what he would do for us. He comforted me in times of hardship and sorrow. Knowing how much he loved me is what keeps me going everyday. Even when there are times of pain, anger, and sadness, I know that he wanted what’s best for me and I have to live my best life for my brother. This picture has meant a lot to me because he’s not gone, he’s just on the other side. I know he’s still with us. It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later.

It’s really nice to just *hang out* with amazing people. Thanks gals for keeping me sane and helping me pass APUSH. 💓

Prom was a dang good time.

I don’t remember what our family’s last name was, mother said it was the Addams family, but Arachne proceeded to ask “who the hell is the Addams family?” Legendary.

Our band is pretty amazing. Wish us luck for the 2 (hopefully 3) performances tomorrow!

Shoulda brought the pigs to homecoming, Judy and Dot are too cute.

Not last!!! 2/5!!

Who wore it best?: Mermaid edition

Thank you seniors for the most amazing marching season yet. I love you all so much. You all are going to do such amazing things and you'll always stay so close in my heart. I love you, band fam. 💕

(sorry if I didn't tag you) I'm so grateful to have put on such a wonderful production with the best cast, crew, and directors. Thank you to everyone who came to Cinderella, and everyone who helped make it so amazing. ❤️

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