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Trevor Baumgartner  Live. Love. Laugh.

Leveling up off these mana potions

Lasting (though slightly warped) love

Wishing the best of luck to this handsome fellow on the left as he rides from SF to LA! Your ass is gonna hate you! #lifecycle

With 26 comes great knowledge—namely, the understanding that if you get a terminal illness you’ll have to pay for that shit with your own money. Schöne Grüße, und sauf ein paar mit @nphersh heute Abend.

2 dudes on the search for craft at 2pm

The highly sought after “stalactite” gluten structure—achieved by Hans Baumgartner on 12.29.2017. 100% hydration is not for the faint of heart.
#baking rusticAF

A very happy day of conception to this beautiful specimen. May the manure fields of Greeley imbue you with vigor on this fine day, and may the hop fumes steer you towards deviant decisions. Stay safe, my bro.

Dank brews and good company

Get you a man that can hike all day in a pair of loafers @colin_baumgartner

Good to be back

A bergheil on the mountain with the old man after a rather sketchy hike up
🎥: @colin_baumgartner
#stormking #hiking #olympic

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