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Olly Lang  Performer.📍London. Ex Sydney 🐨. @mobilephotonetwork @social_pictures @selfieschool


Devastated to hear about @renhangrenhang. His work is incredible. via @tomseymourbjp

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Dogs don't speak to Russian Intelligence or get flowers on Valentine's Day

Congratulations to @dzalcman for launching @womenphotograph in her words "a database of 500 independent female and nonbinary photojournalists available for hire. There's a public website up at womenphotograph.com, and for any photo editors who would like access to the private database (which has more complete info like languages spoken, primary clients, HEFAT/PPE info, and so on), please email me at hello@womenphotograph.com. There is still a discouraging lack of diversity (of all kinds) in our business, and I think it's vital that we collectively become more aware of how our hiring practices influence the stories we tell. If journalists hope to report on a diverse range of communities, we need to be doing that work from a diverse range of perspectives. So check out the site, and hire some of these incredible women." #womenphotograph

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The agreement between the Obama administration and the Australian government to have the US resettle 1250 asylum seekers currently detained by the Australian government in offshore detention centres appears to be disintegrating. Trump referred to the agreement as a “Dumb Deal” and labeled the asylum seekers as “illegal immigrants”. Frustrating. However by targeting Trump for rejecting the deal we glaze over the real issue: why is Australia handing off it’s own responsibility to assist asylum seekers to another country, and in exchange for what? These are human lives, not bargaining chips. It is Australia's responsibility to settle these people if their claims are accepted, not America's. As a signatory of the 1951 Refugee Convention Australia has a responsibility to not "expel or return a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where his life or freedom would be threatened on account of his race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion”. It will always be the most vulnerable (in this instance children, women and men who are fleeing for their lives) that suffer in political arm wrestling like this.
Caption: Refugee Adelrahim Adam from Khartoum, Sudan shows the scars he gained from 29 months in prison after being detained as a political dissident and being accused of being a spy. His wife was also killed because of his political beliefs and he has been stuck in Indonesia for one year since fleeing Sudan, his passage to Australia blocked with the “Stop the Boats” policy preventing asylum seekers from reaching the country. June 17, 2014. David Maurice Smith/@oculi. #asylumseekers #australia #stoptheboats #photography #oculicollective

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So good to see all the moments from the #womensmarch around the world. Keep going. 💃

First time I've seen the Heath Ponds freeze over #HampsteadHeath #london

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