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小川裕之 Hiroyuki "OGA" Ogawa  Professional Stunt Rider


Moment of fast circle to straight line!! ファストサークルからストレーラインになる瞬間!この時一番怖い!!

I visited some place where are Echizen Daibutsu , Kuzuryu lake and Eiheiji. There were great places!!

My bike is ready for the show!!

I'm heading to Fukui prefecture Takasu circuit for the show!! Very long drive from Tokyo! About 550km!
これから福井に向けて出発です!!片道550km!! 行ってきまーす!!

Definitely our XDL round1 was hardest weekend entire our stunt life. He made frame without sleep.

Switch back christ in France!!

Time to go home from Ooita airport now!!
I visited many good peace and met good peoples during my Ooita and Kumamoto prefecture trip. Thank you for inviting me!! 今回は撮影のお仕事でしたが、沢山の素敵な人たちとあえたり、阿蘇の山をはじめとする素晴らしい景色を沢山堪能できました!先週までの1カ月の海外遠征から帰って来てとてもリラックスできた週末でした。今回、招待してれたNESTさん、大分だ面倒見て来れた鳥さんありがとうございました!!

Anther great view from on the road during my trip in Kyusyou. Great mountains behind the very long straight road!! 九州の旅の写真をもう一枚!まっすぐな道路の後ろにそびえ立つ山。日本でもこんな景色あるんですねー、素敵!!

Great view from Daikanbou!! If you come to kumamoto or Ooita prefecture , I strongly recommend you should come to this spot!! 大観峰の展望台へ来ました!正面には阿蘇山が見えて、とても眺めのいいところです!熊本や大分に来たらおすすめのスポットです!!

We saw again with Mr Tori who are one of my best stunt friend in Japan in front of Mt Aso in Kumamot prefecture!! I'm so glad to see you again!! We are going to All Japan Trial Championship tomorrow!'

This is good advertise!! Thank you for inviting me a event!!

I came to Kumamoto at HSR Kyushu now for working to shoot the movie!! Today , I will ride KTM Duke!! I will do my best!! 今日は撮影で熊本のHSR九州に来てます!

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