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i don't sell slime  2•10•18 if you use one of my videos please give me credit thank youuuu check out my friends account @slimey.watermelon.spalsh

hey guys, i just got my nails done so be ready for some new videos! | if you have any new video ideas for me just dm me! thank youuuu

green monster | i dunno what to post so here | question: what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

slime smoothie | i love the turn out of this mix | question: who’s your idol?

very berry blue | not the best but whatever | question: what’s the time where you live?

peach ring gummy | if you couldn’t tell i was having troubles with a random foam bead & somehow glitter got in this slime but idk how | question: what’s your favorite color?

copper rush | if you couldn’t already tell from my previous video, my tanning lotion stained me hands | question: what’s you favorite kind of slime?

peaches & cream | first video | question: what’s your favorite fruit?

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