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Erin Lockett  🌿Music made with love in NJ 💕 "Spalted Maple" - Out Everywhere NOW 🎵 Erin, Of Love 🎺Listen Today⬇️

Dancing with you
#awholefamily #oflove

When we were kids I asked my sister @kellylockk to teach me how to safely jump off of a swing. She gladly asked me to take a seat on my swing and welcomed me to "swing school" explaining that in anything you must learn the basics first. She saw me try to twist my ropes as any kid might, to spin and twirl. She told me to stop and put me in "swing detention" I thought she was crazy and using this as a way to be mean to me, but not damaging your tool is absolutely the first step to any craft. One must always align before engaging and, of course, letting go. I received this necklace this Christmas from my Mom as a sign of endurance and strength. Out of habit I always twist it but come back to the lesson of the sister swing set. Today we said goodbye to my mom in her physical form and I have learned endless lessons of strength from Kelly and my whole family this week, but I am so grateful for this little lesson that will keep this piece of my mom's love intact for as long as possible. Thank you Kelly. Thank you everyone.

I wanted her to see that sky
But she is gonna be that sky 🌹🌈 #oflove

My soul painted by @charcoalmoons

Women's Day -- I learned from Adriana @artofloving and from my intuition that our voices and our feminine flame have a distinct connection. In many ways I have felt silenced by my circumstances these past few months. Asana practice has been, to put it simply, painful. And singing has been a strain but I practice on. My mother is very ill and anyone who knows her knows her spirit is so strong. Being with her and my family in the best ways I know how has been exhausting yet so eye opening to Love, character, strength, freedom, and the limitless nature of my heart's glow. Today I moved my body, laughed, cried, and my heart opened a bit more. Today I took rest in child's pose on my cushion, in the bath and felt ultimate gratitude for my first home in my mom's heart {and belly} Tomorrow I will sing for myself and all of my women. I still don't have all the words- the good ones- for this beautiful mess- but I trust in a whole world OF LOVE where I came from and where I one day will go to dance. Thank you for reading this and for your bold light. ♡

It truly makes me feel uneasy when my words can't express what my soul embodies, but I know it is beautiful to practice anyway. I feel peace. I feel strength. I feel a contemplation like a warm breeze over my being.

Watch my story to vote on content. For now, enjoy this photo of BB GF Pancakes. Feeling energized - time for some movement! ♡

Yesterday someone very dear to my heart reminded me, "You don't have to be any better, you don't. You are whole" and I was surrounded by soul siblings. Today I am noticing more and more that you are all my support and sunshine. Everyone of you who are living to your truest self- you illuminate my path. Thank you.
I'll be seeing you-
Oh, but oh, if I may borrow
In every next and last tomorrow
When my fingers beep
I'll feel a kiss in my palm
Holding it gently as I grow on
When the wind makes me smiles
I will think of your smile
And smile your smile, all the while
And just like great grandpa
The greatest, yes the best
I will think of you with baby's breath
The ducks will travel
And the otters will hold hands
And the cranes will surprise you
And the foxes may make you cry
But there is everything to be said
About the morning dew
Or a perfect sunset view
Or a quiet afternoon
Or a full moon
Where I will always, always
Be seeing you

Thank you guys for your support, but we are playing it safe tonight and staying home! Anyone in the JC area NEXT FRIDAY is our rainy☆snow☆rain date. So come out for a good time to smile and shine!! ♡♡♡

Weather permitting I am singing songs in Jersey City tomorrow at Cathedral Hall | 9:30PM ❤✌ 🌼
#njmusic #oflove

Love you @lisalock

I always sing better in a rainbow sash 😍🌼🎹 A huge thank you to @jaipureyoga for having me today ❤🌼
#njmusic #singyourheartout #oflove

Bliss is feeling every emotion all at once and dissolving into the truth that it is a perfectly balanced way to be. Let it all in: anger, giddyness, sadness, boldness, helplessness, freedom and fear--for once you free your mind of the thought that there can be "bad feelings" the sooner you welcome bliss into your heart. 🌹🎙🎶 Photo by the beautiful @kellylockettstudio
#bestdayever365 #inlovewithlife #awholeworld #oflove

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