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O F G O D [ S ]. A P P A R E L 

Sometimes we are to hard on ourselves. We forget the little things as we continue our journey that have gotten you to where you are now. The hand shakes, the compliments, haters, the flops, the triumphs, lost friends, new friends and our loved ones . It’s all apart of the journey. For that, we should be grateful. Life is lessons, the building blocks of our evolution. Be proud of yourself! #weareofgods #stillevolving #sooncome

I just dropped off the second batch to get embroidered 😁 new color way added “ “Vintage Olive” and it goes Hard AF. Now to reschedule that shoot. FLAKES SUCK*

I’ve had to postpone the release of these pieces due to multiple reason. But with the set back, I’ve added another limited color. #stillcoming

As I’ll be sewing on these tags today, I can visualize the campaign for the newest drop. I usually LOVE to shoot them in natural environment. This time, I’m taking it to the city.

To all ➖ vibes. 👋🏻

Roll the dice 🎲🎲

To new heights.

Achieve it.

⛽️4️⃣💰 x GLORY

What are you striving for?

When you’re feeling mentally, physically and spiritually drained.. that’s when you fight the hardest. Your glory is right on the other side of the struggle. Achieve your glory! #weareofgods #weareone #ofgodsapparel

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