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Off The Clock Resumes  Steph Cartwright, CPRW // Creating resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters that present you as the best fit for your ideal job.


😊☕ Cheers to a mid-day coffee break!
I love the light in our bay window area especially when we're surrounded by several inches of snow. Where's your favorite place to take a coffee break?

(Or wine!) Any fun Friday night plans?! 🎉⠀

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📣 The Jobvite 2017 Recruiter Nation Survey is out!⠀

I realize few of you will care to an extent, but I love using these surveys to reinforce the job search tips and tricks I recommend.⠀

Here’s a recap of the 2016 Survey (direct link in the article): 43% of recruiters use Facebook to evaluate candidates when hiring. Although the 2017 Survey (direct link also in the article) doesn’t explicitly give a percentage of recruiters using Facebook last year, I’d say it’s safe to assume that more are likely using Facebook during your background check last year and next year.⠀

If every other corporate or individual recruiter is looking for and at your Facebook profile, should you be worried? Absolutely! Too many of Facebook’s privacy settings are challenging for you to 100% control (location settings, photo and comment tagging, etc.), but there are steps you can take to transform the worst potential Facebook profile slips into a job search strategy.⠀

In other words, you can easily revive your online presence by anticipating and mitigating some of these Facebook blunders. 👆 Click the bio link to learn more!

❤️ First and foremost, Happy Valentine's Day! I truly hope you feel loved and cherished ALL DAY. Now, let's show a little love to your Facebook profile (totally romantic, right?).⠀

Quick Recap: During this Love Your Profile 3-Day Challenge, you've discovered that your that Facebook is one of the top search results that employers will find when they search for you online and that there is something wildly empowering about untagging yourself from an unfavorable photo on Facebook. Today, I want to challenge you to add these 3 things to your Facebook profile. ⠀

1 | Add a Branding Statement and Career Summary to your About Me tab that describes your strengths, your career goals, and your ideal employer.⠀

2 | Add Life Events such as promotions, volunteer work, learning new languages, awards you've received, and any achievements you can think of to fill (and boost!) your Timeline.⠀

3 | Add a cover photo that showcases something that is unique to you and that you love. ⠀

I'm so glad that you embraced this 3-day challenge! Tomorrow I'll be publishing and sharing an article that discusses Loving Your Profile concepts in more detail. Stay tuned!

😓 Did you know that nearly 50% of recruiters and HR professionals will look for you on Facebook before calling you to schedule an interview or even during the background check process? ⠀

❤️ This week, I'm challenging YOU to Love Your Profile. ❤️⠀

Today's challenge is to Untag the Bad. Yesterday, you discovered that Facebook is one of the top search results that employers will find when they search for you online. You may not be 100% in control of what your profile reveals to employers (well, right now - but not for long!)⠀

There is something wildly empowering about untagging yourself from an unfavorable photo on Facebook. These photos may not even be of YOU! This meme generation is getting out of hand especially the memes that imply that you're lazy, a heavy drinker, a drug abuser, or someone with a generally distasteful attitude. Sure, they're funny in the moment. But if your ideal employer is only seeing these public memes or your candid-weekend-party-shoot on your profile, you may not be getting a call.⠀

Spend some time looking through the "Photos of You" and click "View As" from your profile to see what may be scaring off your ideal employer. Come back tomorrow night for Day 3 of the Love Your Profile 3-Day Challenge!

📱 Everybody's on Facebook. Well, almost everybody. YOU are likely on Facebook (assumption made since Instagram is owned by Facebook), and your profile has earned the reputation for one of the top sources of information about you for recruiters (corporate and individuals) and HR professionals. I think the most recent statistic I found stated that nearly 50% of these hiring professionals will look for you on Facebook before calling you to schedule an interview or even during the background check process. 😦⠀

This week, I'm challenging YOU to Love Your Profile. This 3-day challenge starts... NOW!⠀

Today's challenge is to Google for the Good. Do a quick Google search (Google, not Bing, not another search engine - Google is still the top search engine used by everyone including employers.) of your name and see what comes up.⠀

These top search results are going to be heavily considered by employers as a reflection of YOU and your personal brand. When I search for my name, Steph Cartwright, the first two search results are Facebook's search results for my name. Next, you find my company website. Then, you find my LinkedIn profile. ⠀

Now that you know which profiles employers are looking at, you can take the steps to make sure these profiles and websites are working in your favor. Come back tomorrow night for Day 2 of the Love Your Profile 3-Day Challenge!

Friday night dreams. 😊
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😪 Your IT resume is boring to read!⠀

I’ve worked with dozens of IT professionals who are incredibly smart and talented with technology. Most of them struggle to present their background and strengths in a way that recruiters and HR professionals respond the best to. In fact, most IT resumes that I see look the same.⠀

* Your IT resume doesn’t have to be so boring to read. *⠀

Most IT resumes that I see are basic documents with lists of technical skills, company names, and certifications. Unfortunately, it’ll take more than that to stand out from every other IT resume listing technical skills, company names, and certifications.⠀

Stop boring your ideal employer (and his or her HR/hiring manager!). Start catching them off guard and piquing their interest!⠀

👆 Click the bio link to learn how to write an IT resume that attracts technical job offers by engaging non-technical readers first!

Next week is Valentine's Day, so it's only appropriate that you show some love to your profiles next week too... ⠀

On Monday, join me in the Love Your Profile 3-Day Challenge where we'll show some love to our Facebook profiles! I'll give you simple, actionable steps that you can take to make sure your Facebook profile isn't hurting your chances of landing a new + better job, or worse... your ideal job!

🤔 Have you heard about Jobscan?⠀

Jobscan is an AMAZING tool for job seekers. You can copy-and-paste the text from your resume and the text from a job posting that you'd like to target your resume for, and Jobscan will identify which keywords and phrases you can mirror into your resume to be a top match. @jobscan.co was designed by Applicant Tracking software gurus, so this is a trusted tool that you can use to help present you as the best fit for your ideal job.⠀

I recommend Jobscan to all of my clients, and here's the best part: YOU can get five free scans before signing up! Just click the bio link to get your five free scans...

👋😊 Happy Monday, job seekers! What's on your agenda this week?⠀

Today I had a phone consultation with a new executive client (I'm on a roll with those lately!). He hasn't needed a resume or even interviewed in over 10 years (which is very common but often a concern for executive job seekers), but he said he absolutely LOVES my unique process. His exact words: "It's very comfortable and not intimidating at all..."⠀

He and I spent a little over an hour (a typical phone consultation can last between 45-60 minutes) discussing his 30+ year background in communications, public relations, and community outreach; it is now my goal to create an executive resume that presents him as the best fit for his ideal Vice President of Public Affairs or Corporate Communications job. Since my executive resume writing process is more extensive than my typical client process, I'll be chipping away at his new resume over the next week.

Anyone else? 😂⠀

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If this isn’t your first job search, you’ve likely researched all the tools and resources available for job seekers online. You’ve stumbled across career coaching websites, how-to articles, resume templates, and even online resume builders.⠀

Don’t do it.⠀

The hype of resume builders has grown over the last decade and presents this online tool as a quick and easy way to create a job-winning resume. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer who has personally helped hundreds of job seekers land new and better jobs, I don’t recommend resume builders.⠀

I’ve tried out a few of the most popular online resume builders of 2018 and wrote this review to encourage you to explore the alternatives.⠀

Here are my conclusions...⠀

1 | Yes, resume builders are appealing but...⠀

2 | Resume builders don't create targeted resumes.⠀

3 | Resume builders don't tell YOUR story.⠀

4 | Resume builders recommend buzzwords.⠀

5 | Resume builders don't recommend giving context.⠀

6 | There are FAR more effective alternatives to using an online resume builder.⠀

👆 Click the bio link to read the full review and discover the alternatives to using an online resume builder now!

Tonight, I'm working late on a new client's executive resume. He hasn't started his job search yet, but he's getting his resume prepped ahead of time (smart!). With a diverse background in industrial engineering and executive leadership, my goal is to present him as the best fit for a Chief Product Officer role.

Office pups make working late in my "evening office" enjoyable though!

When I first started Off The Clock Resumes in 2014, my new client process was pretty...uh... instantaneous? New clients would go to the website, upload their resume, answer a few form questions, pay, and PRESTO! In two business days, a new resume appeared in the inbox.⠀

Within my first year, I quickly realized that this process wasn't good for me and it didn't benefit my clients. In fact, I looked and operated no differently than a resume "mill." This was not the kind of business I wanted to run.⠀

Over the next two years, I revised and refined my new client process to what it is now. It starts with a short Introduce Yourself form to collect your basic contact information, discover where you are at in your job search and career, determine which type of resume service you are interested in, and empower YOU to choose how we proceed. You can either provide additional information by completing a questionnaire online or scheduling a phone consultation with me to discuss your background and career goals in more detail. ⠀

Want to learn more about my process? Ask away!

😊☕ Happy Monday, job seekers! How do you start your Monday mornings?⠀

Every morning (and especially on Monday morning), I enjoy a life-giving cup of coffee and fill out my Panda Planner. My Panda Planner helps me narrow down my top priorities for the day, time-block my schedule to stay more focused and productive, and reminds me to be present in my day. Over the last few months, not only has my Panda Planner helped me achieve more of my goals but it's helped me stress-less. Why? It encourages me to break down my goals and projects into more manageable tasks.⠀

I failed miserably when I first started using my Panda Planner. I would schedule WAY too much every week which left me exhausted trying to stay on track (or play catch up!). I manage my time SO much better now. It just takes practice! ⠀

Interested in getting a Panda Planner of your own? 👆 Click the link in my bio! It's only $26 on Amazon, too!

It's finally Friday! 🎉 ⠀⠀
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During my last job search years ago, my least favorite interview question was one that I was utterly and completely unprepared for. I don’t know if there was any way to really prepare for it.⠀

“If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?”⠀

Choosing an apple because it seems like a dependable fruit is a weak (and embarrassing) answer. I asked around, and I seemed to be the only one lacking in creativity.⠀

“A grape because I work well in a team.” (Seriously?!)⠀

“A cucumber because I’m good at calming people.” (No one ever thinks cucumber when they think of fruit!)⠀

“Banana because I’m easy to get to know once you get past my thick skin.” (Okay, I’m done.)⠀

One of the most stressful events in the job search process is the interview. Nothing can agitate your stress levels more than feeling unfocused and underprepared. So go to bed early, eat breakfast, and be on time. There are also a handful of tips that will specifically tackle your nerves and acute job interview anxiety.⠀

👆 Click the bio link to learn my top tips for conquering interview anxiety!

👋😊 Happy Wednesday, job seekers!⠀

Today I'm updating the resume of a Financial Analyst whom I worked with back in 2015. Since working with me on her new resume, she's gotten married, moved across the state, AND started a new job. I'll be adding her new work history, and guess what...⠀

I update my clients' resumes for free!⠀

This complimentary service includes updating contact information and adding new work history, degrees, certifications, and training. Could this deal be any better? YEP!⠀

My clients get UNLIMITED resume updates FOR LIFE. Keep in mind, this service does not include reworking your resume for a different job target. But my clients can purchase New Job Target Revisions at a discounted resume rate through the Client Portal. I haven't advertised it much yet, but I also offer Resume Targeting Coaching exclusively to the clients that hire me to create a new resume.⠀

What's on your to-do list today?

Have you ever found yourself on the phone with a customer and realized that you were DEFINITELY not on the same page? What about being in that awkward situation when you realize that your supervisor has a completely different set of expectations than you were aware of?⠀

That's why I start my new client process with an "Are We A Good Fit?" page!⠀

So, who am I a good fit for? ⠀

1 | My ideal client is targeting a job within the United States. I am not an expert in international resume/CV writing. I won't pretend to be.⠀

2 | My ideal client has a clear direction and focus for his or her job search. This is a big one. I want to do my job well and, more importantly, create a resume that presents you as the best fit for your ideal job. I can't do that if you don't know what you want.⠀

3 | My ideal client is open to change and to my proven strategies. I know what I'm doing. I research recruitment trends and resume feedback from employers and recruiters. I will happily explain my strategies; but f you don't trust in my expertise, you should probably work with someone else.⠀

4 | My ideal client fully embraces my unique, interactive process. My process requires some effort on your part. I'll need to get to know you as well as I can to create a resume that reflects you and your personal brand completely and accurately. If you can't make the time to work WITH me, then you may need to work with someone else.⠀

So, who am I not a good fit for?⠀

I'm not a good fit for job seekers who insist on directing me or consider me a Virtual Assistant. Feel free to ask me why... I'm not shy!

I'd like to introduce myself! ⠀

My name is Steph - I'm a Certified Professional Resume Writer, a LinkedIn Profile Specialist, and the founder of Off The Clock Resumes. I am coffee-dependent, a winter hibernator, and the mama to two huskies and a German Shepherd.⠀

Nothing excites me more than hearing a client has received a new and better job! ⠀

For years, I had very little direction for my own career. My problem was never in landing a job but in landing the job that leveraged my strengths and gave me purpose. The modern job search is frustrating, time-consuming, and often discouraging. I’ve been there. I’ve transitioned through the hiring process only to work for horrible bosses and for companies that just don’t care about their employees, then started the job search all over again with minimal guidance. And guidance would have been welcomed!⠀

I discovered that I could turn my lifelong passion for writing into an advantageous service, launched Off The Clock Resumes in November 2014, and became a Certified Professional Resume Writer in May 2015. My goal is to create resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters that present you as the best fit your ideal job and empower you to conquer the modern job search.

If you've been feeling micromanaged, stressed, or discouraged this week, I have good news for you... It's FRIDAY! 🎉. ⠀

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Why does the modern job search have to be so frustrating, time-consuming, and discouraging? In my honest opinion, it shouldn’t have to be.⠀

What makes the job search so frustrating is the inconsistency of information from how to write a resume to best practices for following-up after an interview. What makes the process so time-consuming is the constant searching and reviewing of job postings, editing and targeting of resumes (and cover letters), and alternating resume submissions and lengthy application questionnaires. What makes the job search so discouraging is never knowing what works and what doesn’t ultimately leading into a call for an interview or no response at all.⠀

But it shouldn't have to be!⠀

If you are searching for resources on how to write a resume in 2018, you are in luck! I am sharing my proven process for creating highly targeted resumes for each of my clients. Yes, this step-by-step resume writing process can be your guide.⠀

👆 Click the bio link and let me walk you through not only how to write a resume but how to write a highly targeted resume that conquers the Applicant Tracking software that most employers use and presents you as the best fit for your ideal job.

Interested in working with me? I'm happy to help with your resume, LinkedIn profile, or cover letters; and getting started with Off The Clock Resumes is simple.⠀

1 | Click the bio link or visit offtheclockresumes.com.⠀
2 | Click "Get Started" on the main navigation menu.⠀
3 | Complete a short Introduce Yourself form by answering a few questions about your job search and uploading your resume.⠀

Next, you can decide on how we proceed. You can ask for an online questionnaire or schedule a phone consultation to discuss your background and career goals with me in more detail. I'll review your job target and background information (No resume? You can complete an Employment History Outline.) and create a job-winning resume and/or LinkedIn profile that will present you as the best fit for your ideal job.

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