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Sly Stallone  Writer, director, actor , producer, horseman,painter, hyper, loving parent, husband.

COMING TO YOUR HOME SOON! @rumble_boxing

Had a wonderful evening with my wife, my daughter Sophia and her boyfriend, Connor, showing off his brand new scarf and nose job.

It was a great pleasure working with Milo Ventimiglia truly one of the most STAND UP men you’ll ever meet and of course my “imaginary”. grandson. #creed2

... ...Life is a battlefield… Final thoughts

It’s a long long road that has been traveled ... thank you for the support...

A little painting I did of Mr. T A while back. . Half the painting is a mirror… People always have the most Unusual expressions when they look at art so I thought I would have them be able to watch them selves while they’re watching the art … So in a sense they become part of the piece.

Yo, due to the overwhelming and loving response to this wonderful character I just want to say one last final farewell... Thank you again from the bottom of BOTH our hearts ...

Oddly this was the last photo taken during the day on CREED2 ...Believe it or not this is an untouched photo… How strange is this...

I am reposting this because there was a technical difficulty. I just want to thank everyone around the whole wide World for taking the Rocky family into their hearts for over 40 years. It’s been my Ultimate privilege to have been able to create and play this meaningful character. Though it breaks my heart, Sadly all things must pass... and end. I love you Kind and generous people , and The most wonderful thing of all , is that ROCKY will never die because he lives on in you ....

I just came up with this great NEW idea for a movie character… Oh, that’s right some big guy name Arnold already did it.... well, back to the drawing board.#rockybalboa1976

This area turned out to be a great location for filming Rambo… Last Blood.

Three more days ago!!!#rambo5

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