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Roycey  I warm up the biggest stars and shows in showbiz! I've written a book which comes out in October. Happy!

I work with most talented people in showbiz. Nobody knows who they are but without them the shows you watch would be less funny and less a production of excellence!
Now those who give us the best TV are now married and it's a match made in heaven.
I could not be happier for these two who really are the very best in my business and also two huge hearts.
I wish them the same passion, love, excitement and commitment they put into thier work.
Two very special people. "Correct"

My flowers won't open! 6 days now!
This is serious now! **Talks to flowers**

I'll leave you with this!

Love is..... So so happy!

A picture that speaks a thousand words!

Bloody brilliant.

Sorry not sorry as hysterical!

Date night.
Goodnight....... 💗