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Quinton Aaron  I act and produce and stuff and sometimes I even get paid for it.

Hello there I am the chairman of the board of The Wing Eating Society. A society that I started by the way, lol #foundingfather #wingeatingsociety

Shout outs to the lil bro for winning the diss battle just now, I really don’t have a come back. Smh!!!

5 o’clock in the morning haven’t been asleep yet can’t you tell? LOL, why am I up taking selfies. Good morning world!

Hello all, Please read and share of this before you go to bed.

I did it guys and I hope you all did too! It was painless and felt good honestly!!! #ivoted #imadefreedomcount #didyouvote #pleasevote

Its Election Day, hopefully you guys are voting today and going to at some point today. Good morning and afternoon depending on where you are...

I just noticed a little typo, but you get the message, #electionday2018 tomorrow

What's guys I'm super excited to announce that our Company, Dream House Productions post Productions facilities is officially one of the title sponsors of the huge New Mexico Film Conference coming up November 16-17 this month in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
#dhp #nmfilm #teamwork #relentless #application #phase1

God I come to you with a repenting heart, asking your forgiveness of all my sins and I thank you for extending your Grace, Mercy and Favor upon me and for opening doors that were locked before me. God I ask that you keep all my family, friends and loved ones safe in your arms. In Jesus name I pray #amen #prayerjournal

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