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Mozhdah Jamalzadah  Booking inquiries for India & Pakistan contact Action Consultancy Dubai, everywhere else Ethnobeast 💕

That’s a wrap @magicianssyfy
To all my friends who worked on this season #castandcrew 🙌👊😉
#wrapparty #season4

Not only was Jaghori widely considered Afghanistan’s safest rural district, more women and girls are enrolled in schools and have freedom than any other part of the country. The Taliban had to go attack the only decent and civilized area left in the country. I have no words. 😔💔

JB #loveofmylife this is for you
#thecure ❤️ (Just a little taste of what my playlist consists of 😜)

@_elhamfarooq Hahaha too cute! Boy! I’m old enough to be your grandma 😂😭🤦‍♀️ Also is it just me or are your Farsi skills almost as bad as mine? 😆💕 (Anyways, I know you’re just kidding... I hope you are 😳😄 ... cause ur 8 yrs too late 🤫😉)

“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic” - Iman
Well... that’s what Iman said. My quote would be more like “who needs to follow trends when you can use that time to read a good book or cuddle with your kitties” 😄👌
#brainsoverbeauty #selflove #peaceofmind #zen #behappy #knowyourself #respectyourself #dowhatmakesyouhappy ❤️

Always be yourself! Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman! (RoRo you reminded me of my fav quote 😆💕)

Photo by the beautiful @karolinaturek can’t wait for another photo shoot with her. #karolinaturekphotography

@shahramfarshid_production it’s my absolute pleasure. I have this song on repeat ☺️
Thank you and @mojganazimiofficial for your incredible, meaningful work and for raising the standards. Every song of yours is a masterpiece. #hamkeman #powerful #hugefan [Hey guys Check out Hakeman on YouTube by the amazingly talented Mojgan Azimi. It’ll blow your mind just like her last hit Ayeh]

دوستان نهایت ګرامی
با اشتیاق تمام میخواهم به اطلاع شما برسانم که اکشن کانسلتنسی اجنسی دردوبی (Action Consultancy Agency Dubai) بصورت منحصر از من در کشور های هند و پاکستان نمایندګی مینماید. با علاقمندی تمام در انتظار دیدار با علاقمندانم در این دو کشور زیبا
میبا شم.
@hamid.a.hussain @ethnobeast #actionconsultancyae #ethnobeast
#india #pakistan

Getting my #hairdid @ my mom’s salon 💃🏻

:مرګ یک قهرمان ملی
امروز افغانستان شاهد مرګ یک فرزند قهرمانش بود و مردم بلا کشیده این مرزو بوم، به خاک و خون کشیده شدن قهرمان دیګری را به ماتم نشستند. دشمنان قسم خورده این کشور به کمک همکاران داخلی شان بالاخره به هدف شوم شان که ازبین بردن جنرال رازق، این قهرمان اسطوره ای کشور بود، مو فق شدند. اما تاریخ ثابت ساخته است که در این کشور باستانی، با مرګ هر قهرمانی ده ها قهرمان دیګر قد بر می افرازند و در مقابل دشمن ایستادګی میکنند. یقین دارم که مردم دلیر قندهار بصورت جمعی و مدبرانه جایګاه خالی این قهرملن ملی را پر نموده و تسلیم دسایس شوم دشمنان خارجی و داخلی کشور عزیز ما افغاستان نمیګردند. این ضایعه بزرګ را به همه مردم وطن تسلیت ګفته و خودرا در این ماتم بزرګ شریک میدانم.
The fall of a national hero:
Today Afghanistan witnessed the death of a hero son, and the suffering people of this land had to grieve the slaughter of another hero. The sworn enemies of Afghanistan together with the inner accomplices succeeded to eliminate General Raziq, this epic hero of our nation. But history has proven that with the death of a hero, tens of other heroes rise to resist the enemy in this ancient society. I am sure that the brave people of Kandahar collectively and wisely will fill up the emptiness created with the death of this national hero and will not surrender to the ominous conspiracies of foreign and inner enemies of Afghanistan. Hereby, I send my condolences to the people of our country and share their deep sorrow. (Written beautifully by my father. Thank you dad) #generalraziq #nationalhero #mayherestinpeace #afghanistan

They got me doing this look on the set of a tv show. #tvseries #hollywoodnorth #loveit #newlook #onset🎥🎬 #inmytrailer 😍 (Een libas ra ba film e American poshidaim ... ba kasane ke English balad nestan khastom tashre konom)

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