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Mozhdah Jamalzadah  Feathers Video OUT NOW. 💕💕#Feathers ⬇️⬇️

A huge thank you to @kaweh.kerami and @bbcpersian for this beautifully written feature story about my life, music, and my role in the North American feature film Red Snow. It was quite the special interview - very different from the rest. For the very first time I really opened up. It’s raw, unfiltered and real.

My faith in humanity gets restored a bit more every time I watch something like this. Insan e khoob arzish meytan ba har zinda jan. Mardom meytanan khoobi konad, wa hamchenon meytanan qatil konan misle ke Farkhunda ra parcha parcha kardan ba khatire gape yak mullah e kaseef. Khoda konad ke Maa ham yak roz ba yak degar arzish beytaim wa ehteram dashta bashaim

@audrey.bow tu es un génie brillant! Merci mon ange 😘❤️
Audrey the director of this video Dernière Danse and #boroboro is originally from Paris France, where she studied film and I feel blessed to have worked with her on these projects and hopefully tons more in the future bakhair.
Also I realized my fan page @officialwelovemozhdah is way more fun than my page so follow her guys she’s awesome! She is also from Paris - small world 😄
Merci ma belle ami pour tout ton travail 😘🙏
This isn’t a new song but it’s one of my favs and I just wanted to send out a special shout out to my Parisian loves.

This is how Mama gets what she wants 😂😂😂 and she’s #extremelygenerous #bosslady #getswhatshewants #bribery #workseverytime #loveyoumom 😂❤️

@ghezaalenayatofficial There is no studio in the world that can capture the beauty of your voice or do it justice. Your vocal talent is definitely rare and one of a kind. #ihavethisonrepeat #nowords #mostbeautifulvoice #effortless #beautyinsideout #loveyoubabe ❤️❤️❤️

On set with @absoluteforever
New songs coming soon. Thank you @ethnobeast
Huge congrats to Absolute on his Europe tour with @elenagheorgheofficial
@ethnobeast @catmusicspain @catmusicromania
#newmusic #ethnobeast #musicvideoshoot

With @absoluteforever on the set of my song Hat Idak, and his song Indian Chick - literally one of my fav songs of all time! THANK YOU @ethnobeast for putting me on that track 🙏🙏🙏 and for making all of this happen. There’s going to be so much more music coming up you guys bakhair. We’re just getting started!! 😃😄👏👏. #videoshoots #priveclub #ethnobeast

Photo by: @ansonsfoto
How beautifully this sunset has been captured at Stanley park. To think I live a 10 minute walk from here. #lovethisplace #vancity #beautifulsunset #stanelypark #myhome @feelingblessed

My good friends: Julian Prieto running for Vancouver School Board, and Jaz Virdi for city council - both with the newly formed political party YES Vancouver.
Julian Prieto holds a Master of Science's Degree in Mathematics from Oxford University . Jaz is a grad of both UBC and SFU
Exceptional dudes! So proud of them!! Please show your support if you live in the Vancouver area and give them your votes...especially you young folks... these guys can be a great asset to the new generations.

Hector Bremner - the next MAYOR of Vancouver!! He is a kind, decent, and honest individual and that’s rare in politics. If you live in Vancouver please vote for him on Oct. 20 to be our next Mayor. He’s going to do great things for this city.
YES VANCOUVER is a new party for the new generation! “There won’t be any candidate in Vancouver who doesn’t focus on housing, but at this point, Hector Bremner is the only one to build his entire campaign slogan on it. “Let’s Fix Housing” has been Bremner’s calling card dating back to when he won a by-election to become a Vancouver city councillor. His campaign is now promising to “fix” a number of other issues, but it is housing that weighs most heavily” - global news
#yesvancouver #hectorbremner #hectorbremnerandtheyesvancouverteam #nextmayor #pleasevote

Photo cred by the amazing @thehowarddavis
Make-up/hair: @sheleahbradley_mua & @jhallmakeup love and miss you guys
Entire production team i love & miss you tons.
Such an absolute honour to have played the Role of Khatira on the Feature Film Red Snow with the most incredible Canadian Director Marie Clements. This was most definitely an experience of a lifetime. Got a chance to kick some Taliban butts in this feature which was just awesome! Couldn’t have even dreamed of a role like this myself. Thank you Marie ❤️ #feelingsoblessed #featurefilm #redsnow #redsnowthemovie #comingsoon #thankyouforbelievinginme ......
And thank you to all those who pushed me into acting. I never thought I had what it takes, and well, everyone else somehow believed in me more than I believed in myself. I know some of you jokingly said I couldn’t sing and I should act instead but who knew how far it could go WOW!! Thank you! thank you! (Also just got another role on a big Hollywood show which I’ll give more info about next month)🤫😜😍🤑👏 یک جهان تشکر از شما عزیزان
با افتخار به اطلاع شما میرسانم که نقش خاطره را در فلم "Red Snow" یا "سره واوره" به دایرکتری ماری کلیمنت که یک دایرکتر بسیار با اعتبار کانادا است، بازی کرده ام۰ یقینن این یکی از تجارب نادر زندګی ام بود۰ در این فلم با طالبان هم سرو کله زدم که بسیار جالب بود! داشتن چنین نقشی در یک چنین فلم هنری را حتی در خواب هم نمیدیدم۰ بسیار تشکر از دایرکتر ماری که به من اعتماد کرد۰
همچنان از کسانی که مرا در هنر اکت تشویق نموده و وادار به انجام آن ساختند ابراز امتنان مینمایم۰ چنین معلوم میشود که به شکلی از اشکال دیګران نسبت به خودم بیشتر به من اعتماد داشتند۰ بعضی از شماها ګاهی به شوخی میګفتید که من خانده نمیتوانم و باید به جای آن به هنر اکت روی بیاورم ولی کسی نمیدانست که تا چه حد پیشرفت میکنم! باز هم تشکر۰
(همچنان به تازګی یک نقش دیګر در یک نمایش هالیوود به من داده شده که در ماه آینده در این مورد معلو مات بیشتری خدمت تان تقدیم میکنم۰)

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