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LZZY HALE  Frontwoman Of Halestorm. Twitter/SC:@LzzyHale ;Fashion: @ScissorHappyByLzzyHale ;Tumblr: LzzyHaleOfficial

How wiiiiiiillll I spend it all!!??? @hqtrivia @scottrogowsky #hqtrivia #hquties #Lzzrd #smrt

Good morning everyone!

Our next #throwback was our cd “breaking the silence”, this was the first album featuring a very green Me on guitar. We had yet to find a permanent kid our age who could join as guitarist so I thought I might as well learn. I got a few chords under my belt, just enough to fake knowing what I was doing and went for it! Looking back I see a lot of growth as a songwriter here. I was aware of what a chorus felt like and Thanks to the addition of guitar we were headed into a heavier sound. I was listening to a lot of Cinderella @tomkeiferofficial and I was aware of radio play. Our last cd #dontmesswiththetimeman was given a chance by a few local stations, and this one was enabling us to expand our reach in and outside the local Pennsylvania scene. A lot of what helped us make a name for ourselves, is just the fact that we refused to die. Regardless of whether we were the most talented or the most educated in the business, we were willing to hustle and learn. And when so many bands around us broke up to find normal careers, we just kept going. I was very lucky to have parents who supported me and my brother @arejayhale , they’d drive us to gigs, taught us how to properly roll up cords and set up amps and kits, they never let on that they were terrified about letting both their kids run-a-muck in this very unpredictable industry. Funny story, I got to catch up with a DJ a few years ago from Harrisburg/York/Lancaster/Lebanon ‘s 105.7 The X. They put us on their Under The Radar compilation when we put out this cd. The DJ then told me a story about seeing us live for the first time. She said she had seen my parents at the gig and exclaimed to herself, “oh no, those Parents are pushing their kids into the music industry”, THEN she saw us perform and saw it was the opposite , “oh no, those Kids are dragging their parents into the music industry”. See, at this point and time being in @halestormrocks wasn’t a hobby or career choice... it was an extension of Me as a person. So telling me not to play would be like telling me to change my brown eyes to blue. I realized that following the dream is 90% about showing up! Just show up! U can figure everything else out from there!

Next #throwback #90s the second release ever. We held up an elevator in a Holiday Inn near Bethel Pennsylvania for about 15 mins to take the cover photo. Ha! It was also such a freeing time as a young writer, before I knew Anything about what songwriting meant, I was just putting together what felt good. Lyrically, I was writing whatever I wanted, concepts about mythical time travelers, or grappling with religion and first boyfriends. The possibilities were endless. I think that now, even after how far I’ve come as an artist, I’m still always fighting in favor of that child mentality. I have to remind myself as an adult that even though there appear to be “rules” and “careers” and “hit” songs, music is not about having the answers. At its core, music is about capturing that childlike purity. When it comes to art..Don’t dumb down your inner child by thinking like an adult.

Freaky Friday. #throwback #90s cassette tape (‘member those) with @arejayhale our first studio recording, our first songs as Halestorm.

Thank you so much @canehill for the beautiful flowers! It was such a pleasure meeting and jamming with you. This was such a wonderful surprise!!!You boys are too frickin’ wonderful!

Fuck yea! I get into the car on the way to the studio... and #iamthefire roaring on @1029thebuzz !!!

Holy mama this group @idamaemusic blew my mind tonight at @thebasementnash their talent is beyond anything I’ve seen live in a long time. And their genuine banter and love stole my heart! Thank you for the inspiration loves!

Me, with the incredible @canehill and @wwe_embermoon #nxttakeover @wwe #wwenxt

What an amazing night! Thank you so much to @wwenxt @wwe @wwe_embermoon #nxttakeover for having me and to my new friends in @canehill for letting me be their fifth member for a day! What an amazing community, thank you to all the fans for holding the Rock and metal flag so high!! It was such an honor to be a part of this whole @wwe @wwenxt family!! @hurricanenita @thejoestorm @tripleh @gibsonguitar

It’s happening! In minutes! @wwe_embermoon #nxttakeover #nxt @wwenxt

Just a Saturday in New Orleans during #WrestleMania weekend. #NXTTakeOver @wwenxt

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