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LOL long time no see! 😂
No one is here anyways!

Hey @dollastic remember me?


I've been so inactive! I'm so sorry!
I don't think a lot of you care though?! 😥
Anyways my school holidays started! YAYAYAYAY!
Bye now lol!

YAY! Someone is playing with me! And that someone is @uniqornmc! LMAO 😂

NEW! Profile Pic and Banner on my YouTube Channel! 😊

I'm sorry that I am so inactive in this account, I just don't have screeners mostly because I don't have much people to play with! 😭 Anyways here was a screenie with @anoxics and @muhchellee! This was a really old photo and I already posted it but I had nothing else!

Played with @muhchellee and Maddy today!!! Maddy didn't make it in the screenie because she was too busy exploring or something! 😂 And Yes, I am wearing the same skin as Micheh, that's because I wanted to see her reaction when she sees herself and I just wanted to do bc I was bored! Anyways, Baiiiii!!!!

"Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy"

Unicorn Buddies!!! 🦄 #unicorn #goals #unicorngoals

Happy Valentines Day!!!
💜💜♥️♥️ Creds:
Journey Gaming!

Pokachi built by: @microguardian and @dollastic

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