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Which jumpsuit do you prefer? Left or right? They are both #ChiaraBonilapetiterobejumpsuit. And for those worrying, dont worry too much.. everything is going to be better than alright. Good morning!

You've seen Oyinbo Wives of Lagos...now here's another amazing never-seen-before TV reality show. GIDI GIRLS stars 5 stunning Lagos babes, Lilian, Vonney, Mercy, Precious and Eloho, who through their eyes, the world will get to know more about Las Gidi and how we rock & roll and hustle here. The show is filled with glamour, drama, fights, a lot of love and friendship, boyfriend drama, wigs being snatched...lol, you will see how Lagos babes hustle and pursue their dreams and when its time, how they party hard. GIDI GIRLS is coming soon on Linda Ikeji TV on Cable and online. Stay tuned! Executive producer is yours truly @officiallindaikeji. Produced by @amsantiagoroberts. Creative director @danstarry. #Takeover2018. #tvwontbethesame

You guys are not even ready for what we about to do on Nigerian TV. Lol. Six Nigerian women married to white men who live in Lagos. The drama, fights, friendship, laughter (yimu at the last two...lol), fights, drama and more drama is something like you've never seen before. Oyinbo Wives of Lagos reality show coming soon on Linda Ikeji TV on cable and online. Executive producer @officiallindaikeji. Produced by @eloho143. Directed by @danstarry. Styled by @harvellastyles

The stars will align themselves in your favour. Just trust God! 😊

Today's look! #ChiaraBonilapetiterobejumpsuit. #Dolce&;Gabannashoes and bag. Have an amazing week ahead. Kisses

Dear young ladies, please be patient. Please! You really can make it through hard work. You can become successful, rich and a woman to reckon with without ever having to compromise your virtue. You can become a millionaire or even a billionaire if you believe in yourself enough, apply yourself, be innovative, chase your dream, work your butt off, others can but don't ever doubt yourself, see possibilities everywhere, let your passion burn brighter than your fears and when you get knocked down, get right back up and continue and never listen to anyone who says you should give up. There's no limit to what we women can become or accomplish, absolutely no limit. Unfortunately in this part of the world, some of the women young girls look up to these days make it hard to believe you can follow your own path and make it on your own terms and by your own rules, without ever having to compromise...but you really can. You can rely on your own capacity to turn your dreams into reality. You can rely on your own strength and your own mind to become a person of substance and value and build a life you will be proud to live. Relying on men is underestimating your power and the power of God in your life. You are way more powerful than you know. So keep fighting, keep believing, keep working and one day you will leave footprints in the sands of time. Good morning! 😚😚

Life's Lessons with @bettyirabor finally here. First episode debuts next week on @lindaikejitv. This show is life changing. Her story is incredibly phenomenal. Watch out!

Today's look! Gosh, I miss telling you guys what I'm wearing. One gbeselori told me to stop that it's not befitting. Oh please! 😏. Lol

Prayer I found and want to share especially for you.
'Beginning from today, it is my prayer for you that when it is your time of elevation, ancient landmarks will bow to your entry. Laws will be suspended in your favor. You shall be lifted high and led to your enthronement.
Nations will celebrate you and God will wipe away your tears of pain and sufferings. For what God is about to do in your life, many will hear and their hopes shall be revived. So shall it be in Jesus name. Amen'

Happy New month, everyone. Kisses

Just like you I'm also waiting for a miracle. A lot of people are...but here's what I know about miracles. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. But the other times, you have to have faith and never doubt that it's coming. You have to believe that God has heard you and He's working to send your miracle your way. You MUST believe! You don't know when its coming or how it's coming...just believe it's coming because God said it is coming. So relax, it will get to your turn soon! If you want to, you can remind God from time to time by going on your knees. All the best! 😚😚

Stay true to your dreams...and success will follow. Happy Sunday! 😚😚

Wishing you all an amazing new week. God bless you and yours...😚😚

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