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Morning brew...

Mid 90's πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
#mid90s #mid90smovie @mid90smovie

Got sent over this scratchy footage of me skating back in the 90's...not the best but.. #mid90 #16yearsold #skateboarding @mid90smovie @jonahhill

Growing up into Skateboarding in the mid 90's I've been excited to see this film. In some ways this film looks nothing like my life and in many ways a mirror image. Coming from the UK it was obviously a different landscape but all the triggers of my youth were there. The mix tapes, the CD collections, an older brother with an obsession for Hip Hop, Source magazine, Hip Hop Connection, XXL, Thrasher magazine, the first shitty board passed down from your older (which looked more like a toy than a board), the first proper set up bought from a kid at school (who totally ripped me off), practising in the driveway, landing your first Ollie, obsessing over skate vids, seeing tricks you could never land, hanging out in car parks, searching for the next spot, landing tricks you saw in the vids, getting told off by security guards, house parties, showing off, inexperience, kissing older girls. The music, the mischief, the fashion and the banter. All such a big part of my childhood and all of it there in the film. The culture of skateboarding totally informed my childhood and guided me into an alternative and varied way of hearing music, seeing art, photography, fashion and cinema. Although I don't really skate anymore I feel its presence always, Big thanks to @jonahhill for this love letter and for making a great movie. Not just about skateboarding but really about growing up.
* Last pic is me trying to grow (aged 13?)
.@mid90smovie #mid90s @jonahhill #skateboarding


Big thoughts little thinker... #sketch #pencil

The Event Horizon...

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Great to see my good friend Richard's short film play at The Raindance Film festival last night. A stunning short shot and based around an actual total eclipse. Great film making. Congrats to everyone. @soulsoftotality @raindancefilmfestival @curbyourchichi


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