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Your loves just like heaven
In my eyes

Taking necessary time to recharge
My system 21+ years in the music
Industry time just flies when your
Living the dream you've always
Wanted now everything things crystal
I'm taking this season to gather my
Thoughts to give you an amazing
New chapter of Jaheim's return

Miss you guys stay tuned


Here's to the weekend be safe
Out there enjoy your weekend
And watch ya surroundings
And relax a bit let your mind
Unwind to the smooth sounds
Of Jaheim with your family
And friends or just me and you!


Sometimes life can get a bit distorted
Stay focused everything is an allusion

Stay tuned for the evolutionary
Rising of Jaheim working as he
Will be giving you the best Jaheim
Since you've 1st heard the sound
That makes you bound all around.

Jaheim is working on 3 albums
Also to include a few bonus Christmas
Collectives to add to this year's holiday
Releasing with the likes of visuals of
Video content to all newly released.

Stay tuned for the online opening
For Jaheim products and give aways
To membership fans and friends to
Reach maximum benefits for members
State to state country to country.

Also Jaheim will give opportunities to
Upcoming artist through his webpage
Whether actor, rapper, singer etc. Keep
Dreaming with Jaheim he is working
Hard to give back to the energy source
In which it all came from you the people.


Fashion is my middle name
Something my mom introduced
Me to as young as 4 or 5 she was
Just a classy woman who over
Stood fashion she'd be proud to
See me all grown up now.

This album is such a classic
Thanks to you for receiving the
Message now our lives will
Never be the same again

Transitions of Jaheim
I wasn't born with a lot of hair
But when I started to let it out
Boy it grew beyond measures
My hair didn't fall out I cut it.

After 10 years I felt it was time
For a transformation and I've
Been stressing throughout my
Career which lead me to cut it
But I didn't lose anything at all.

When life sets in you get weighted
Down and boy it's really heavy
To deal when it happens but
That's life so I have no complaints
Life is now what I'm making it.

I will add this never cut your hair
For anyone but yourself and never
Allow new people in your head
Until you get hands off the last
Person to touch it and stay consistent.

I'm planning to filling grow it out
Just to let it grow for nearly 5 years
Just trimmings and lines as I've
Witness my hair is still growing
Just have to stay consistent.


This was Jaheim's latest release
A Really Chill Christmas officially
Released Dec 2017 .

This album wasn't your particular
Music rating album which company
Decided to just release without ratings
Due to timing last min Jahiem simply
Wanted to put a great product in
The market that speaks in volumes
So for the record it was a give away
Last min studio thought in Oct 2017
Jaheim decided to put his very 1st
Christmas holiday album out.
Knowing we were two weeks into
Promotional advertisements but
Decided it was pass the gunline and
Could have cost a fortune beside
We were two weeks inside promotion a
But the album was an idea at the time
Just a thought however but
Jaheim went in the studio two weeks it
Was complete two week of Nov 2017
This was my lowest dealing album
Ever but again this album wasn't
About ratings it's just a wonderful
Album that's in the market today
Also Jaheim didn't take it to radio
He just wanted to release a product
In the market that'll speak in volumes
And for the sales that were produced
I have to say not bad but not happy
But nevertheless it wasn't about sales
For us it was just to put a album in the
Market to fill a void so do take time
To unwind to one of my favorite albums
In 2017 A Really Chill Christmas
I'd like to thank the near 5k fans who
Participated you guys are truly down
For life. Stay tuned for the update
Christmas release this season and newly
Records added 😁

If you missed this Jaheim
Allow me to reintroduce myself
My name is Jaheim pronounce
JA-Heim take your time to get
And know me there are 8 albums

When you see this logo
You should always remember
What time it is this is what
Jaheim created over 20 years ago
I'm proud to always see it shining.

This star is a modification that
Truly represents Jaheim in which
The brand you all chose to cleanse
Spiritual feeding those who've
Personally encountered w/Jaheim.

To all the many around the world
That have been the supportive
System you the people Jaheim
Truly loves and respect what you
Always do best keep on showing up!

Keep dreaming with Jaheim
Very new music coming soon


Sometimes we have to
Walk away from what
We love the most so we
Can fully over stand who
We truly are and what
And where we're all headed.

Sometimes you have to
Walk away from a fight to
Maintain structure in which
We create foundation on
The levels of success even
In your darkest hours the
Light will forever shine and
Always right on time and

Always allows a boy to become
A man to now look at life
W/precision and clarity

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