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DJ Krueger  Toronto's DJ Krueger is a; Rapper/Actor/DJ/Writer/Producer and Audio Engineer



Really liked the vibe of this song. Wrote and recorded the verse earlier this evening..

Dap, you were one of the coolest and most sincere people I ever met.
You had so much talent, so much ambition, and so many plans for the future. You were real as they come.
In the short time I knew you, we had some really good talks about hip hop and the state it's in. You told me you wanted to bring the genre back to its roots and I believed that you would. When you invited me to collaborate on some music with you, I was so excited. We had plans to work on 3 songs together and I really wish we'd of gotten the chance to finish them. You made an impression on people. You inspired everyone around you including me. Your dream and ambitious nature motivated me. It inspired me to work even harder on my music.
I'm proud to have called you my friend and I really can't believe you're gone.
I'll never forget you, bro. Rest in Peace.

To everyone out there reading this. 
Cherish the moments you have with your friends, your family and the good folks around you.
Always appreciate those people.
Life is a gift. Live it by appreciation and live it to the fullest. ✌

Found this picture of when my brother and I had to rescue Bella (whom was randomly dressed like Negan) from the clutches of the financial death trap known as the DeathStar (aka FanExpo). It was a ravishing great success. 😆
Happy Birthday, Bella!! #WaybackWednesday

"Pray For Me"
I heard this song in the car today. Came home, wrote and recorded this verse to it. Happy Easter, all.

Late mornings, early evenings.

Krueg & Dap. New tracks comin down the pipeline!

Black Panther with Stephen

For anyone out there feeling down about themselves. Feeling like it's hopeless.. This is for you..

Still can't believe all of the cool vinyl that my good friend Paul (aka DJ digikid aka PhD aka TDOTsuperman) hooked me up with.
Great St. Patricks Day, bro. Thanks again.

Damn, this dude had one of the most unique flows EVER.
RIP Craig Mack

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