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ⓒoⓤrⓣnⓔy📱 On/off[✅]  👋coυrтney нere! Dating: @duncan_justin Instatwin: @totaldramacit parтy вυddy🎉: @тoтal_draмa_ѕιerra_ waѕ a cιт вeғore тнιѕ ιѕland caмe💼 goal: 1ĸ!

Happy December first!!! :)

There's 3 episodes left. Why must the producers to this to us. The last picture has to be true if there's 3 episodes left. Next episode: Scott &courtney get eliminated, then Gwen, then it'll be between Zoey and mal. I say mal will lose, leaving Zoey to win. That's messed up only for the fact that Courtney shouldn't be eliminated and should win..


Final 5 huh? Yeah, I got this in the bag! 😈 no one can stop me!

Attention! I have some news below!
So, yeah I haven't been on at all lately. And my reason is, I'm losing my love for RP. Yeah, it's sad. I thought it'd be a long time that is last..
But, I've decided to quit. I'll miss a lot of you and I have gained a ton of friends from this. @total_drama_sierra_ @td_cody_ @tdnoah @duncan_justin and many many others. ~~~~~~~~~
Especially with school, it's hard for me to run 2 accounts, post frequently, do homework, eat/sleep and still do school. That takes up 100% of my day. So, I'll just run one account, and if anyone wants to, they may take over the account. But, you have to be someone I can trust 100% or I'll just turn this account into an art account. Okay? Sorry to everyone that's been wanting me to stay. But, (and I know a lot of people have done this) if I can get 50 posts of #officialcourtneydontleave I'll be surprised enough to stay. I know people hate it when others do that. I know. I hate it too, but I wanna see how many people actually want me to stay.

Lana's out! 3rd place???

Vito's out! Next?

Mal's gone. Next?

Us 4 and babies 😊

know I have a tendency of forgetting to post results (btw, Ozzy won the other one) but vote your least favorite mike personality! Winner is the fav!

To all of the suicidles out there, stay strong. You may be in a rough time, but you will make it through! Just because someone you like/love may not like/love you back or you lost someone or someone is bullying you, or some other reason, just remember someone out there is having the same problem! You are never alone! So don't ever think it's okay to hurt yourself, kill yourself, etc. You are special! Don't forget that! And you are loved! Someone commits suicide every 47 seconds. That too many people! Stop what you're doing, and remember that you are you, nothing can change that and you will get through this time.
Stay strong!
~Courtney and admin❤️

It was An accident! *smiles* hehe.. Maybe.

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