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Brandon Burke  inquires: Listen to #whenimlost everywhere now

HIS life blood flows through my veins now I’m not the same that I was before HE met me.
My veins flow with better blood than I started with.

When I call on the name of the Lord I have always experienced Him answer with peace, even in the midst of the chaos.

I know the Lord is with me as I fight my battles... He is good and worth my trust. Do you trust Him?

I’m counting the cost
Cause theres always loss in the life of a boss
and Theres no one run to
cause You the one that they come to
so I run to the cross?
Roads that I’m laying on praying
Not even knowing what I’m saying
I’m just a man
Can’t figure it out what I don’t understand
Trusting You always been part of the plan

I want to thank each of you for the support and the feedback you’ve been giving me in comments and DMs 🙏🏽

My testimony. In this video I share my testimony about how God met me when I was going through a dark time, a “When I’m Lost Moment” when I was facing a serious illness and the doctors couldn't help.
Watch the lyric video for my new single "When I'm Lost" here: You can check out the full song with Lou Engle's voiceover on my website.

Featured artists:
Lou Engle - Lou Engle
Katie Reed - Katie Reed
Aswan North - Aswan North from Paper Tongues

#mytestimony #whenimlost

I'm going to drop a video later about how I met the Lord... how I called on HIS name, in the dark... from my heart.
Those aren't JUST lyrics from the new track, "When I'm Lost", they are a REAL prayer that I prayed - that God answered.
For real.

12 years ago I gave my life to Jesus Christ.
I was going through a crisis at the time and wasn’t really thinking about God, I was totally focused on what I was going through at the time. It was in that place that God asked me a question: “Will you trust me with your life?” I didn’t even know what that fully meant except that I had been trusting myself, not God. I was doing the only thing I knew and feeling like, “why am I going through this?” That question from God didn’t feel forceful, but it felt more like an invitation... An invitation to experience another part of life that I had heard about before... but never lived.
When He asked if I would trust Him I was not just interested in trying, but I was fully ready to experience it... for real. For my self.
My crisis was so outside of my hands that I took a chance and chose to Trust God. That one moment became the catalyst for a total life change for me. God literally did a miracle and changed my situation that very day when I said “Yes” to Him with my whole heart. I didn’t even know how to have relationship with Him. How I was going to learn what I needed to know? How I was going to stop doing what was wrong?
I realized God wasn’t asking me about any of those things... He was just saying “TRUST ME.” That one moment when I chose to trust God with my life became the stepping stone for other huge situations in my life.
Eventually those “Trust Moments” helped me to build my relationship with God and discover who He made me to be and what His purpose for me was.

I’ve had so many amazing conversations with you guys about how this track has impacted you. Thanks for the support, but even more so thank you for opening up and letting the spirit of the song touch you.
Tag a friend who needs to hear “When I’m Lost” so they can stream it on my link in bio @officialbrandonburke

I pray that you would know God through His Son Jesus Christ in the most vulnerable and intimate places of your life.
May He become so real that you feel His love & presence with you all the time. May He live in your heart by faith so even when you cannot feel His Presence & it feels like you’re alone with no where to turn... you would still acknowledge that He is with you - because He is.
I pray that you would invite Jesus Christ into every situation you’re facing... ask Him every question you need answers for... and surrender every desire you have so that He can become known, not just to you but to others through your life!
In Jesus Name Amen!

What’s your favorite lyric from #whenimlost? If you haven’t heard it yet hit the link in my bio @officialbrandonburke

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