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When it all like ☀️summertime ☀️and you wanna chill on the ground and so you lay down and you’re like AW HELL NO IT TOO DAMN HOT and so then your flesh melts off and you have to rethink those kewt booty shorts and crop top cuz your skin look like tenderised beef and anyway don’t wear booty shorts or crop tops anymore people THIS AINT THE 90s jeez.
(📸 @svahie Oh hey babe 😘)

3 beautiful weeks with family and friends in Canada, 7.5 looong hours flying back home, and 2 toddlers who have FINALLY decided to sleep...after 19 straight hours of being awake (they don’t sleep on planes 😩).
London, it’s good to see you 😊😴🏠🇬🇧

Upside of owning a tiny head the size of a pea is that you can wear your toddler’s sunglasses when you’ve lost your own. 😎👶🏻
(Anyway, I heard all the kewl kids are into #tinyglasses rn amiright?)

Suuure there may be a big nasty storm cell rolling in, with flash flood warnings and mothers clutching babies and panicked boaters racing to shore and life guards blowing whistles to get us off the beach, but all @miniateam knows is “good lighting = family portrait time”. 😏❤️⛈🌪🌊💨📸

When you’re a #worldfamousactress like me, it’s important to embrace exotic cultures and learn from the natives. This month I’ve traveled to a strange place called #Canada to study their bizarre customs, like drinking clam-flavoured beverages and being really super duper extra dextra friendly to absolutely everyone (my son giving unimpressed toddler face here being the exception...but he’s half American-British so that makes sense). #HappyCanadaDay ❤️#🇨🇦 Special thanks to superstar M. for being my video sidekick pro today 😂💜 she was #cameraready ⭐️ @singingshopaholic

This guy 😍😍😍 These kids 💜💜💜 #HappyFathersDay @miniateam We are the luckiest little clan to have you. Love you forever 🔮

@hoganmclaughlin is the only entity on this planet who can make me miss cold weather. 🧛🏻‍♀️🖤 #bestcoatever #hoganmclaughlin (Babe we should talk black winter bikinis next 💄🌞)

🚧🚫⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️🚫🚧 The internet is full of morons.
Amy's practicing to be the best model of magazine ... 😉 👠💄👜😎 (Ig stories @officialamybailey ) 😂😂😂😂 #historyvikings #vikingshistory #funnyvideos #videosdivertidos #modelface #magazine #vikings #kwenthrith #fashion #worldfamousactress

So yesterday I went to visit fantastically talented director pal @russowen on set for his new horror/thriller film #patientsofasaint. They are on location at Shepton Mallet Prison, the oldest (opened 1625) and reputedly most haunted prison in the U.K.
Now, I’m not spooked easily, but this place gave me the major heebie jeebies. SOMETHING weird is going on there and it’s creepy af 👻 At one point I tried to go to a part of the prison they call “A-Wing” and I couldn’t even make it halfway down the corridor. Seriously. I tried 3 times and turned running back for the exit 3 times. Was trying to do a live video for y’all but electronics seem to go funky there 🤔 I did get some video though. Check out my insta stories for the moment I turn into a shaky, quivering pool of 🐔💩.
(Sorry in advance for the cursing. I was scared 🙈)
#SheptonMalletPrison #SomethinAintRight #OhHellNo

When you’re a #worldfamousactress like me sometimes people get overwhelmed by your superduperfame and get #starstruck. This guy was so tongue-tied he forgot to ask for my autograph, which I forgive him for immediately with my whole heart because I am so #loving and hashtag #blessed. I think it’s important to stay down to earth so you can remember how the regular people feel. #🙏🏽.

🎂❤️HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎁🍾 to my main squeeze @miniateam! You never cease to amaze me with your wisdom and you inspire me to be my best self. I also totally think your bday suit is smokin’ hot🔥 ・・・ #Repost @miniateam
My greatest gifts + sleep + kisses. It’s already a perfect day.
Love to all!

Wishing all you 🖤lovelies🖤a Happy #WorldGothDay. Now Imma go out and find me a vampire to kiss. #Repost @amy.stand and @tinseltokyo ・・・
"I love playing the villain" | Amy Bailey for Tinsel Tokyo Magazine (part 1).
#amybailey #kwenthrith #vikings #hbonordic #historychannel #historyvikings

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