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  We are an alt rock band with a very bright flare for music! Support us and visit our YouTube channel🤘
The cover vid is up!! Here Without You done Grungy
John on The Drums
YK on The E-Guitar
AJ on The Bass
Shek on The Mic
We hope you enjoy this cover😊

Hey people! It's been too long and we're back with some new content!🤘🤘A cover of an all time favourite done hard rock style (Guess the song if you can😉)So far, there have been changes to the band. Fresh new members.But all beginnings are good beginnings. It is how you deal with the situation at hand. We really look forward to uploading this cover in the coming week! Stay tuned with our YouTube channel and check out our content! We thank you for your continued support and for sticking by us through this year! God bless you all and till next time
Keep Running ~
#hardrock #music #band #godisgreat
Ps. Sorry for the crappy crop😂 The actual cover video will be better

It was a good day today! We had a fun time busking and raising funds for @project_kairos (they are responsible for taking this amazing photo)
It was really amazing to jam and perform again with amazing and talented individuals. It helps to release that A Level stress. A special shoutout to @yogawidarmoko for coming down and jamming with us! You're a great guy and a great singer🤘
To you, yes you reading this right now, stay strong and keep working on your dream. To all a level students, keep your head high and don't be put down.
Till next time, Keep Running~
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Here's Lead Vocalist @urbanlclrunner showing pure passion!
Throwback to our first recording session at The Music Parlour downtown in City Hall! We're definitely excited and grateful to be producing our first album! Hopefully, you folks out there are equally as excited as we are! :) Until then,
Keep Running~

Our very first gig was at NJC RockNite 2016, a truly unforgettable experience. We gained many amazing friends and admirers alike. We thank God for such an opportunity that will forever stay in our memory. If you would like to check out our NJC RockNite Performance, you can go to this link:

Do like, share and subscribe! And most of enjoy🤘
So till next time,
Keep Running people~
#keeprunning #runningrefugees #music #rock

Hey everyone! First post from the Running Refugees! We are a alternative rock-rock band🤘 Our members are
Lead Vocalist- Shek(@urbanlclrunner )
Lead Guitarist-
Yeong Kae
Rhythm Guitarist-
Lead Bassist/ Back Up Vocals-
John Luel (@johnluel )
Drummer/ Back Up Vocals-
Benson (@sophisticatedben )

We hope that you will support us in our musical endeavours! This Instagram platform will keep you updated with any info on our band and the music we produce.
So till next time,
Keep Running people~

#keeprunning #runningrefugees#music#rock

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