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LBC™️ 💂🏻‍♂️  The Kid 🤪 16’ 🚶🏻‍♂️ South Oakcliff raised 🔱 Living it to the fullest 🎞‼️ NHS drumline 🥁 @lb_cadets_ 💂🏻‍♂️

“The things you’re waiting and hoping for , tend to arrive at the most unexpected times” STAY POSITIVE 🤪😁

Mike’s my mood for spring break 🤪😄 #springbreak

Dance really isn’t JUST my sport, it DEFINES me. Even if it’s just “cadet” dancing or cumbia, bachata, break dancin, poppin n lock-in. I may not put as much effort into the “more important” things in life rn but dancin has always been a get away from many kinds of things. But shoutout to the Bro-Bro for half of this new stuff we be comin up with @joan01flores We hittin it , n COMMIN UP ‼️⚜️ #bfab#latinboyzcadets #joevonycuteasf😂🤪#THECOMEUP 💨⬆️

Good looks
are a bonus.
But humor
is a must.⚜️

Another one just case y’all forgot 🤫⚡️#latinboyzcadets #losreyesdelbaile @lb_cadets_ #kingsofdance

Don’t even need words to know we the best crew out there , just need to sit back and watch 💨🤫 #latinboyzcadets @lb_cadets_ ⚡️💥

Brooo I was dark because of summer band 💀 but damm my first game was lit my hands were fast but not as clean as I needed um to be but missing the season 🔜🔷

Idk why but I liked this , you should too 🤪‼️

Why not , I thought it looked good 🤪

My mood in all my classes , for the last two days before the break 🤣🥴😴

This is my little princess y’all , no ones ever gonna mess with her 💙💘💝 n she comes before anyone for me , and yeah I bought her that jersey to 🔸🔹 🤪 but I love this little girl to death 🥰👨‍👧

Love my grandma , she’s like my second mom I love her for everything she does and has done for me 💜💙 I will forever love her no matter what , but we took this visiting my pops , love ya n see you soon. Love you grandma 😚👵🏻 @bibblers tell nana for me plz💛

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