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⌛️Last Minute ⌛️  A young budding a cappella group aspiring to express ourselves through music.

Raffles Institution Open House performance videos!

1. It's Time (Imagine Dragons)
2. Lonesome Road (James Taylor arr. Simon Carrington)
3. Beautiful Now (Zedd ft. Jon Bellion)
4. Drag Me Down (One Direction)
5. The Road Home (Stephen Paulus)

Video creds: @coreykoh2002

NEXT awards 2017! Thank you for the great opportunity :)

🔊updated: preview!🔊
It's Time • Imagine Dragons
Hello! We'll be performing our rendition of It's Time, together with Drag Me Down by One Direction and a never before seen arrangement of Rockabye by Clean Bandit. Do check us out at Singapore Expo tomorrow!
Location: Max Atria @ Singapore Expo, Foyer 1, Level 2
Time: Approx. 12.20pm
We will be performing alongside acts such as Sun I & Bing Yu and The Third Wheel! 🎤 See you there! 🎤

Hi guys I'm Royston! I sing Bass 2 (although I'm a Soprano in the choir) and I'm pretty much the joker of the group. I specialise in dank memes, bad puns, and all things geeky. When I'm not studying or sleeping, I enjoy listening to Chinese love songs or playing a "friendly" game of Quizarium with my fellow members. LM has become like a family to me and I really look forward to all the opportunities to make music with them in the future.

Hi I'm Sam Foo from tenor 2 and I'm happy to call myself a member of last minute. LM for me is the main place to screw around with a bunch of awesome mates and spread the joy of music(usually more the former than the latter). Oh and I might be coming up with some arrangements in due time so we'll see where that goes

Hi I'm isaac Lee Kumar my mum is half Chinese half Chinese my dad is half indian half indian and I'm half Chinese half indian im a bass 1 in choir and my fav sport is chess coz I don't have to do anything!

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hey friends i'm xi teng; i mostly sing bass and yeah acapella's pretty cool. i too help run the insta page (so get ready for some amazing posts woo)
and um 📷: @cafe.lattay

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Hey! I'm Cavan, resident off-pitch 30 second solo and tenor 2. I help Yu Fan maintain our instagram, as well as manage our portfolio! Last Minute is my safe haven, where I can lose all insecurities and be proud of who I am, where I can take a break from the multitude of problems in life. Cheers!

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Hey guys, I'm Haixuan, and I sing tenor 1. I also arrange for Last Minute. I have a strong interest in singing and music, along with a bunch of other weird things I do. I also have a strong phobia of taking photos of myself, so this is all I can find (Sorry). Singing with LM is about one of the only things I look forward to because I love singing and we all do. To me, that's all that matters, and I hope that we will continue singing together in future :)

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Hey guys I'm Yu Fan. I'm technically our Instagram manager (now you know why it's so bad) and I also arrange songs for Last Minute. I sing all the parts. Last Minute to me is just a really enjoyable place, because I love music and we get to make super cool music here.

Hey guys, our performance at NEXT is a week from now!
NEXT is a new platform for Singapore's local talents in the pop music scene to showcase their music, and we hope to see you there!
Date: 29th April, 2017
Location: Level 2 Foyer, Max Atria, Singapore Expo
Time: Approx. 12.30pm

See y'all there!

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Hello! I'm Justin (also known as Liu Jan), your friendly neighborhood bass / beatboxer from Last Minute. I also make arrangements for Last Minute. For me, Last Minute is a way to jam out and have a good time with my friends, whether it's in making music or playing frisbee. There's just never a dull moment when we're together.

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