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Diana Prince  •where I come from, that's called slavery•

Wow! So I haven't been on in forever andddd Insta is being a bitch- But I'm back!

Ok, so here are a list of my preferred ships (In order of preference.) Exceptions can be made though. If we end up dating in rp, then we should e dating account to account. I will not date you if you have "multiple rps." It totally sucks to be RP 2.

If you would like to be a main, comment down below. I will then proceed to DM you for a short role play so I can figure out if I want you to be a main. If I tag you as a main and you tag another Diana account as your main, I will remove you from my mains. If you go inactive for over two weeks without a reason, you will be removed. Real reasons include but are not limited to: Vacations, family emergencies, etc. Just let me know. :)
And now to the tag placement meanings!
Upper Left: Friends/Allies
Upper Right: Family
Lower Left: Neutral
Lower Right: Enemies
Middle: Love Interest

(Yeah yeah I know. I made rules. And yes, you have to follow them. But they're not too horrible so bear with me.)
Rule 1: If you DM me for an rp, you start. If I DM you for an rp, I start. I like starters to be around 10 lines, but after that responses should be at least 3 lines. I usually don't do role plays in the comment sections, but I will make exceptions here and there.
Rule 2: I don't really care if you're illiterate or literate. I do either, let me know your preference. Just please use correct grammar and spelling. No text talk unless it's ooc.
Rule 3: DO NOT god mod. Stay true to your character's abilities. Do not control my character either. It pisses me off.
Rule 4: I'm comfortable with cursing, just please don't cuss unnecessarily (unless that's how your character talks.) Ex: "I fucking love fucking ice cream." It's just really annoying.
Rule 5: I don't do smut, if an rp leads there we'll time skip
Rule 6: If I don't respond, please don't spam me. It's annoying. After about 30 minutes of me not responding, you may send a message every hour. I'm usually pretty good about letting you know if I have to go, so if I do tell you so do NOT send messages unless it's like the day after I left. I'll most likely be back.
Rule 7: If the rp is getting stale, tell me! I'm always open to constructive criticism (emphasis on "constructive.") If there's anything I can do to make it more interesting, tell me.
Rule 8: Just because my character does not like your's does NOT mean I don't like you. Do yo expect Diana to like her enemies? Yeah, I didn't think so either.
Rule 9: Read through my rules before role playing. They're not here for no reason. :)
Thank you guys for reading these, I hope to talk to you soon!

Name: Diana of Themyscira
Species: Amazonian Demigod
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Alias: Wonder Woman
Secret Identity: Diana Prince
Alignment: Good
Occupation: Adventurer/Superhero/Ambassador of Peace
Base: JLA Watchtower, Washington D.C., Hall of Justice, and Themyscira
Affiliation(s): Justice Leagues, Amazons of Themyscira, and The Star Sapphires (briefly)
Powers/Abilities: Skilled martial artist, super human strength, durability, speed, and agility, rapid healing factor, enhanced senses, night vision, flight, and incredible intelligence. Diana is also fluent in hundreds of languages- She can even communicate with animals.
Equipment/Weapons: Lasso of Truth, Bracelets of Victory, Royal Tiara, martial weapons (usually a sword an shield,) Magical Sword, and Gauntlets of Atlas
Partnerships: Batman (Bruce Wayne,) Superman (Kal El aka Clark Kent,) Steve Trevor, Donna Troy, and Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)

Hey hi! It's the admin, just wanted to drop in before starting this acc to say hello to all of you lovely people! I look forward to meeting you all and role playing with you guys- Sending lots of love your way!

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