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KAT   Butterflying through KL/ London Torn between the dark side and all things kawaii

Im a lover of anything that makes my heart rush and my adrenaline go crazy and @hauntumy for sure succeeded in that 儭
Its Malaysias first ever Haunted Experience and its insane!

Playtime is never over 歹 @skechers

My friends are absolutely MENTAL.

One for sorrow, two for joy

It makes me giggle when people ask me why I lived in Malaysia, come on now

Puss in boots

Getting ready to dive off the balcony湘

A view of nothingness is my favourite kind of view 儭

Feeling like leaving this mask on forever as it smells exactly like chocolate.
Found out recently that raw cacao promotes cell repair and rejuvenation leading to me trying this Radiant Glow Mask from @showcase_beauty. If youre into skincare use my code KAT15 for a cute 15% discount.歹

Hello beautiful spring

In awe with the benefits of this Jade Roller by @jeune_beauty#PR
To get technical, we sometimes get puffy faces due to fluids in our lymphatic system (our bodys natural detox centre) being stagnant. This tool can help drain it, which improves blood circulation and reduces puffiness!

Recently Ive been trying to build beauty from where it matters most- from the inside out.歹 #PR
Beauty by Vitybox is the worlds first patented Collagen, Keratin and Hyaluronic acid oral shot. Invented by healthcare professionals, theyre sugar free and have only 9 ingredients! Everything is made in the U.K. which I love plus the first 500 subscribers will get 40% off for life.儭#vitybox #vitypod