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Kat🌻  📍London Happy go lucky girl ☀️

Recently I’ve been trying to build beauty from where it matters most- from the inside out! •Advertisement•
Beauty by Vitybox is the world’s first patented Collagen, Keratin and Hyaluronic acid oral shot. Invented by healthcare professionals, they’re sugar free and have only 9 ingredients! Everything is made in the U.K. which I love plus the first 500 subscribers will get 40% off for life.☀️#vitybox #vitypod

What’s not to love about @vintandyork flapper sunglasses! ☀️ #vintandyork

Living in London is incredible but walking through traffic and taking the underground sometimes leaves my skin feeling awful 🤡 #PR
This Soniclear Elite from @michaeltoddbeauty makes my skin glow, my pores smaller and so soft to touch ☀️
#soniclearelite #michaeltoddbeauty #soniclear #cleansingbrush #michaeltodd #crueltyfreeskincare #PR

I’m honestly such a little dork in real life🙃
☀️Check out the full video of Who knows Malaysia Best on my brothers YouTube Channel ALAMARK ☀️

Note to all: If you’re tired this is the pose that works! ☀️

Dungarees: you either love them or hate them. I’m starting to love!❤️

Sometimes I like to pause in a moment and realise that this is happening right now and this valuable moment will never happen again. It makes those moments last a little bit longer and allows me to appreciate what’s there before it’s gone...❤️So long Lisbon ❤️

Staying close to people who make me feel warm like the sunshine ☀️

Spaghetti 🍝

Marking my territory with grace on my favourite trig point. 🦢

What more could you ask for?☀️

Always falling over my knees for the countryside. People say it’s boring but there are always things to do if you don’t mind learning something new.🙂

For fun my grandpa had saved a broken down building and converted it into a bat house! Can’t wait to get a glimpse of their lil faces in summer.🦇

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