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2018 was a great year! But 2019 looks bright! I’ve learned so much this year from life lessons to realizing who’s really there for me. I want to thank all my real friends that have stayed close and supported me to be where I am! I have my dream job, emotionally and mentally in a good spot, have the most amazing girl and learned to really let the fakes who try so hard to be apart of success and take over or try to ruin it with jealousy like some people I know. I’m glad I didn’t die and met my girl! Glad I didn’t let some stupid kid and his dumb car he sold me kill us. Learned that some humans have so much greed and care for no one except themselves. Don’t allow kids to ruin your life, and threaten you and then not answer and be scared like a child when you try to talk to them because they’re broke and can’t handle to be grown and deal with their problems! Want to thank my amazing beautiful, loving, caring girl so much for everything she’s done for me and helped me grow so much as a man! Thank you for always being by my side and fighting with me and for me. Thank you for being with me for every hospital trip to the emergency room, and being my strength when I’m admitted and push me to get better daily! Thank you so much especially for always kicking ass and making sure doctors and nurses take care of me properly! It’s hard being a sickle cell patient that’s mistreated for my skin colour or because they think I’m addicted due to the pain meds I take caused by pain they caused me. I love when you literally yell and fight with doctors to make sure your black man gets treated better and the complaints you’ve wrote and caused them to be retrained to be better. It still shocks me that racism is this strong in this day of age but it’s crazy! I love you so much and am so thankful for all you do and appreciate you so much. Thank you for always giving something new daily to love you more and more! I love you Zoe Nicholson!❤️😘💕🙏🏾

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Holiday season got me feeling like Ajudah TBH • (Next Santa to make my niece cry finna catch these hands too)😂😤😪

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🅱️lack rims,🅱️loody red,🅱️east😤

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Three years ago on the 15th! Glad I didn’t die and wouldn’t have been able to be where I’m at today without my family, and friends supporting me and pushing me daily during the hardest time of my life to be better. I love you all and will never forget what most of you did for not just me but my family. Heres to more years of life!🙏🏾

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🅱️ooling. Big energy. (New old nickname alert🚨): Chief Odhi😂🤷🏾‍♂️

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Y’all, my niece is perfect and couldn’t be a prouder Unc to my second princess of the growing Odhiang family🙏🏾❤️

#lafamilia #babyfever #welcomehome

New car✔️
Skinny legs still✔️😂

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Rare photo of Benny and I posing with another family member @nepapery.o 😂

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Congratulations to my big brother and his wifey!! I’m so proud of you two. The determination and work you have out in towards parenthood has not gone unnoticed. To the man I look up too the most, you’re going to be a amazing father. Knowing how great of a brother you were to me when I was younger just proves how amazing you’ll be to your daughter. And to charity! Thank you for letting me be a uncle again to a beautiful little princess! You are going to be a great mother sis! I love you guys! @ochibjokii @charityfaitth

#family #newparents #uncle

Is it Halloween or was I just helping Cole-man move??

#yyc #movingday #familia

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest dad in the world! The things this man has sacrificed for me and my siblings are absolutely unbelievable. The love, respect, and patience he shows every single day is the greatest gift he gives out to me. Thank you for sticking by my side during the good and the bad. Thank you for the late nights in the emergency rooms and always letting me know things will get better no matter how much pain and suffering I go through. Thank you for all you do for the family and our Sudanese community. Thanks for giving me your genes and letting us look like twins and most of all thank you for being the best father of all time even if we argue during nba games and hate each other during the nba finals! I love you forever Adhiero!

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Either went home early or blacked and died at cowboys this night🙃

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