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Oddur Thorisson  Living with smooth fox terriers, lovely children & her - regular contributor to Condé Nast Traveler & regular consumer of Champagne

Some of the best times we’ve had in the last 5 years have been our Fall Harvest workshops. We decided to add one more since the others were so full and we keep getting demand - hope to see you in the fall September 9-11, after a golden summer - email us for more information mangerworkshop@gmail.com #medoc #france

This autumn we had a litter of Smooth Fox Terrier puppies. I planned to mate the parents later but they got impatient and the result were 5 of the most perfect pups you’ll ever find. They were born in Piemonte where we have been spending most of our time lately and have now received all necessary vaccinations to travel abroad, including shots against rabies. 2 have found a wonderful home in San Francisco, one is reserved but two other ones that were reserved for months are now suddenly available after the prospective owners had unexpected changes in their lives. One puppy, Tom, is now with friends in France - they have two males from a litter we had in 2017 and are delighted to spend a few days with little one although they are not planning on adding a third. For those who are enthusiastic about having a dog and think they can provide a good home, please contact me: oddur@oddurthorisson.com #4monthold #smoothfoxterrier for more pictures of Tom see @misterandrewholden

This just in, scientists have finally mapped out the masculine brain and as we always expected there isn’t much there. A drink, some lovely leather patina and a magazine with everything a non insane man could possibly ever want - that’s it! #wmbrownmagazine @wmbrownproject

It’s a little known fact that when Don Draper was a young ad executive he spent a year in a Torino working on a campaign for Carpano. Strangely enough he lived in the apartment we live in now. He left behind two objects: his best chair and his favorite magazine - c’mon what are the chances #wmbrownmagazine - Complimenti! @wmbrownproject #dysthe1001

A night at the opera - Rigoletto may not be my favorite opera, but tonight was magic, John Turturro’s (of all people) staging is beautiful as is the woman who bought us the last minute tickets ... Grazie darling @mimithor By the way, the catering was rather fabulous - premieres and all that #Torino #teatroregiotorino

Admittedly I haven’t tried every pizza in Paris but, surely this must be the very best Pizza Napoletana in town - Grazie Graziella @pizzeria.dagraziella #paris

Catching up with an old friend on a cold, wet afternoon in Paris this week - at the never disappointing Ralph’s restaurant #oldfashioned #ralph

The great thing about taking a child to lunch is that you can eat most of her food, especially after stuffing her with tagliatelle and ragu before the main - which in this case was the insane, mutated Grissinopoli, a huge Milanese with inlaid Grissini bread sticks. First I made light work of my Barolo risotto and fried calf brains and artichokes. I’m skipping dessert but she’s not. Ps if you look closely there is a white bag on the floor in one of the photos. 1kg of meat for tonight’s ragu. #saturdays #intorino

Us. Then. Not much has changed. #thethorissons #10yearwhatever

... and by the way, why crop - Cartier Bresson never did ..,

When life is simple ...

She’s the greatest dresser - after Christmas lunch, after the bottle of Champagne Hudson gave us, after the gorgeous tortellini. We split the teams, I took the A team for coffee, she stayed in with the nutters. Our first Christmas in Torino ... #torino #natale

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