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Oddur Thorisson  Living with smooth fox terriers, lovely children & her - regular contributor to Condé Nast Traveler & regular consumer of Champagne


The Master Child & her mother #Venezia working hard for @cntraveler

A good place to wake up on a Sunday - Casa Flora #sundaysinvenice #perfectmornings #welovecasaflora @floravenice ❤️

Lust and Caution, or should I say, In the mood for love. Year of the dog is upon us ... And I’m a dog. Grrrr! #chinesenewyear

... and soon we’ll all be sitting under trees again, drinking wine again - meet Lorenzo, brilliant winemaker in Friuli #fvg #italia

Today we’re taking over the story @cntraveler sharing some photos from our trip to Friuli Venezia Giulia last October #fvg #theitalyedition #cntraveler

Some years ago we had in our humble kitchen the Maestro of Martinis - tonight we are trying to make him proud - but not on school nights, ever - fortunately there are so few of those in France ... @silverclipper a fuzzy pic but then how could a martini shot ever not be?

Seymour’s story is a curious one. We had 8 pups in the summer, a girl and 7 brothers. I wouldn’t have litters if I didn’t plan to MAYBE keep one. First choice was Nelson but he famously disappeared. Then we chose Po. Then we decided that it wasn’t reasonable to add more dogs. They all found good homes, Seymour was reserved for a breeder in England. Nelson came back but found a great home in Portugal. One day, during a workshop, Seymour was hit by a car, got lost and we all searched for him high and low. He resurfaced in our garage, got special care, melted our hearts - is here to stay. We’ll See more of Seymour, stands in his fathers image, same shape and character - Humfri Mark II #smoothfoxterriers #dogsofmylife #vulnerablebreed #thewhiteterriersofengland Follow the brothers @misterandrewholden @ardenpalaisroyal @maud.gian

Last October @mimithor and I had a fateful but ultimately fabulous trip to Friuli Venezia Giulia, via Venice. Read all about it in the March issue of Condé Nast Traveler - the finest travel magazine there is ... link in bio. And look out for our takeover this weekend @cntraveler #bellaitalia #friuliveneziaguilia

A rare sight in Médoc, snow at @chateau_lafonrochet - what has never happened can always happen again #Médoc #lafonrochet

... and isn’t it great when the woman of your dreams is the woman in your life - once upon a time in a small apartment on rue de Grenelle in Paris #her

The only man I ever loved ... who wasn’t a dog, for all your flaws Don, on a good day (and they weren’t all good days were they) you’re, what can I say - at least always worth watching #dondraper regram from @onlyclassy

We had some delicious leftover meatballs from Friday night - but first a little cacio e pepe and a bottle of good wine ... then coffee (the best in the region is in our house - @caffevergnano1882 ) #glamorousleftovers #aldoconterno #onasundayinmedoc

Yesterday morning - The boy on top of Paris #arcdetriomphe #paris #myboy

On a Tuesday in Paris - Voltaire ... #strongteam #paris

13 years ago, in late January, I met my wife in this building. Back then it was not a Bvlgari store but a nightclub called La Suite. It was 5am. As I passed with the kids just now on our way to our hotel, and told them this story Hudson asked, “was I conceived in there?” - the answer is negative (that would have been fun though) but let’s say that the idea of him was conceived there. 4 kids and 2 dogs (father and son) revisiting a past that by chance or fate became their future. #strangersinthenight #niceandsleazy #whenpeoplestillmetinreallife #parisisthebest

Let’s imagine this guy just got dumped by text. That his girlfriend is moving in with a girl called Irma. And according to the text Irma is far better in bed than he is. It’s raining, since ... forever. Still, it’s Paris - C’est la vie #parisonasunday #januaryyouwontbeatme

Since early December, St Yzans has seen maybe sixty seconds of sunlight. Monte Cristo, clever boy that he is, caught most of it. #daysintherain #medoc #braccoitaliano

And so Mr Petrossian, what’s the correct way to eat caviar? With a spoon ... Last summer when @wmbrownproject and I had more caviar than anyone ever deserves #goodtimes story in the Jan issue of @cntraveler @petrossiannyc

The princess, the plum and the aging Playboy, a newly discovered, never before read tale by HC Andersen - #adventuresforhipsters #unclemattandthekidsandthedogs #styzansstyle @wmbrownproject #amanandhiscutenoisyneighbors great jacket @jake.mueser @j.mueser @yolandaedwards we sort of wish you were here#

Earlier tonight my wife asked me to baste the other milky chicken in the second kitchen we call the “boucherie” - I thought he deserved a shot ... he was absolutely delicious #medoconathursday #fermedevertessec

Still the king and always will be - Glendraterra Humfri Bogart #smoothfoxterrier #medoc

Agatha Christie & drinks in the afternoon. First movie of the first day of a new year #medoc #2018

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