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Odacité Skincare  Luxe natural skincare that proves you can have it all: 💯 efficacy and 🚫 toxins. Born in Paris, Raised in LA. #ToHealthAndBeauty


Before you start this beauty ritual, pause, take a deep breath and set your intention.✨💚⠀

Blend a few drops of water with a scoop of Green Ceremony Powder and watch the transformation happen. Massage the green foamy elixir into your skin, take a breathe, and feel it clearing impurities while energizing the complexion. Rinse off with a damp muslin cloth and voila, soft skin awaits. Now you are ready to prepare and sip delicious matcha. ⠀

By being in the moment, you have just extended the benefits of matcha, far beyond the beauty benefits it provides inside and out.🦋✨ ⠀
📸 photo by: @_dorothyfaye

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Which book has been the most inspiring to you lately?⠀

At Odacité we asked our team and here are a few of our favorites:⠀

🧡The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo⠀

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes 🧡⠀

🧡The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown ⠀

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@Alyssmanuel using Gt+L Radiance Serum Concentrate to skin prep the beautiful @priscillatang.vlogs✨👌⠀

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If you’re born with dry skin (a skin type), your complexion lacks sebum, which makes you more susceptible to premature aging. This is when you would feed your skin oil-rich skincare. ⠀

We have a Serum Concentrate for every type of dry skin, no matter how severe:⠀

💧Po+R Hydration Serum Concentrate is great boost of hydration that works on all skin types- even oily/combination. Perfect after a long night out, outdoor activity or big event.⠀

💧💧Ma+N Elasticity Serum Concentrate restores skin’s barrier so it can maintain its own moisture. Perfect for skin that has chronic dehydration but no dry patches.⠀

💧💧💧Mo+P Very Dry Skin Serum Concentrate is an intensive treatment for extremely dry, parched or cracked skin.⠀

Link in bio to learn more!⠀

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"I didn’t really make the most out of clay masks *until* I started using them in the shower💦....⠀

..the steam🧖‍♀️ helps the active ingredients of the clay penetrate deep into your skin without over-drying your skin. ⠀

Simply wash your face, pat dry, apply clay mask, and then jump in the shower–leave on for the rest of the shower and rinse off at the end. ✨Bonus: it’s way less messy than washing off in the sink!" - @peacefuldumpling

Love this beauty trick with Synergie [4]! It is definitely worth sharing with your beauty bff 😚⠀

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If your skin is dehydrated (caused by an external factor - heat waves, air conditioner etc), that means you are lacking water and your skin actually produces more sebum to make up for the moisture imbalance. Your skin is craving a big glass of water (maybe even 3)💧🥤

We have a Hydra-Treatment Mist for your specific skin type (dry, sensitive, normal, combination, oily/acne prone) no matter what level of dehydration it is experiencing! Like a drink of water for your skin – our aloe-based mists are as simple as spritz, refresh, and repeat✨⠀

Link in bio to learn more & stay tuned for pt 2!⠀

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We are all a work in progress, give yourself the freedom and space to grow🌱, experiment✨, change🌸 and learn❤️

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with our limited edition Summer Hydration TSA-Approved Beauty Bag ✨⠀

Here's what's inside:⠀

Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser: Delicately whisks away dirt, oil, and makeup as it balances skin pH to prevent hydration loss.⠀
Rose + Neroli Hydra-Vitalizing Treatment Mist: Like a drink of water for your skin – as simple as spritz, refresh, and repeat!⠀

Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème: A foolproof all-day moisturizer that will pump up hydration anywhere & anytime.⠀

Ma+N Elasticity Serum Concentrate: A long-lasting hydration booster for healthy looking skin.⠀

Link in bio to get your very own!❤️

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We've listed our most popular Crystal Contour Gua Sha expert tips by demand... you will want to know these the next time you give yourself a gua sha facial ❤💫😌⠀

+Use a medium pressure and enough oil for your stone to glide effortlessly across the skin without tugging or pulling.⠀

+As the skin is stimulated it may get a little red. Don’t worry! It will quickly find its way to a natural glow.⠀

+For a pro-level treatment: Start by heating up your Gua Sha in warm water; the heat will enhance penetration of the serum. Finish with a cold Gua Sha, letting it sit in ice water for few minutes. The cold will close pores.⠀

+Practice your Gua Sha ritual regularly, 2-3 times weekly is recommended to get gorgeous results.⠀ The more you Gua Sha, the more intuitive it becomes. Soon, you’ll be able to do it in front of the TV and won’t be able to live without it!😉

Ready to Gua Sha? Link in bio x⠀

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Meet the celeb makeup artist @kateydenno that can make a green beauty look last through an entire movie premier ✨

What we admire most about Katey aside from her impeccable expertise and talent, is her big ❤. Before she became a makeup artist, she spent almost ten years as a social worker. She was a big advocate of teaching clients the importance of knowing what they put on and into their body and even now, she finds time to consult those who want to "green over" their lifestyle.⠀

💄Link in bio to read our full Q&A with her and learn what Odacitè products she swears by! ⠀

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Your skin is the happiest when it drinks up hydration💧Meet the most refreshing & purifying Hydra-Treatment Mist for oily/acne prone skin. ⠀

Willow bark and salicylic acid deeply cleanse pores while peppermint and green tea nourish the skin and get rid of redness⠀

Use on a hot day, after the gym, or any time your skin needs an instant cool down. ⠀

Link in bio ☀️⠀

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POST SYNERGIE [4] MASQUE MOOD 🦄💆🏻‍♀️ Smooth, sleek & perfect✨Tag someone who can relate 😊⠀

❤️Repost from @kaciekacupuncture
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