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Hellgnome  If you have any questions about the things I make, we can be reached through our Website

Guess it’s better then birds living in lt. LOL

And here’s the size of The Demom Bell

Hand shaped DEMON Bell I don’t get la lot of calls for these but its one of my favorites to make!!! All done with a dremel tool and a piece of round brass stock

Elwood has the right idea, he told me he’d lounge extra hard for me since I have to work LOL

The Stuff!!

HUGE little skull ring

Hellgnome Reload, The Anti Worry Coin!!! Going to a friend

Today’s Hellgnome Trade Bead

Sausage, Sausage, Beans, Eggs, Cheese!!! GOOD MORNING!!! Now Get To Work!!! LOL Maybe

Sterling Hellgnome Dangler from @lionarmory and a Sliver Hellgnome Logo Made from a Coin, I wear these two ALL THE TIME

Trying some new techniques I made up to give my Death Owl a different look

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