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Red  Twitch affiliate 🎮 Suicide Girl ♡ @nlayton_ 💍 *This is my only Instagram*

Just a bb 👶🏻

The goofiest girls in the west 🤪🤪

I love my adventure pup. 💛 Zep has no fears when it comes to the outdoors! We hiked up a pretty steep incline today and she had so much fun

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day with my girllll 🎶🎵 ::: sry, for my own safety/privacy I don’t say where I adventure to, thank u for understanding! ♡

Beach day with my baby ♡

Messy room oops

Sry I have nothing new to post at the moment, been hecka busy the past couple weeks 😫 here’s a pic from a while ago, my bebs tied my hair up for me n I thought it looked cuteeee ♡

I luv those pics of dogs with their humans where they look alike, and whenever my hair is natural (curly n fluffy af) I like to think Zep is my twin 🤣🤣 her ear fluff is all crimped n it’s so cuteeee

still thinking about how smooth my bf is when I asked him why I love snacks so much (6 months ago) and he said u are what u eat huehuehue

What’s yo plans for today! I think I might take Zep adventuring ☺️ it’s v beautiful out


✨💛✨💛 500k!! ✨💛✨💛 I lost my old account at 500k almost exactly a year ago, thank u guys for supporting n lovin me for the past year on here 💛💛💛

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